Events at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Gatherings, Workshops, and Well Being Services

Join us in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains (an easy drive from Atlanta, GA, Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC) for Labyrinth Walks, workshops, private instruction and more. We also offer on-line classes, including our Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning program designed for anyone, anywhere, who teaches Adults in a workshop or classroom setting

Mountain Valley readings, light acctivation, polariity and past life regression

More events are coming soon.  In the meantime come and Lighten your day with:

  • Light Activation with Socrates – by donation

  • Aura Reading or Meditation Instruction with Jill – by donation

  • General readings with Jill or Brenda, by appt. Fri or Sat. Pay what you can afford.

  • Polarity Therapy with Jill, by appt. in-store Fri or Sat. Pay what you can afford.

  • Past Life Regression with Jill, by appt. in store- Fri or Sat. Pay what you can afford.

  • Remote Energy Body Balancing. By appt. over the phone. Pay what you can afford. First Session FREE!

Call 888-773-2491 for further information or contact us!

Call 888-773-2491 for further information or contact us! 

Earth Bag Pavilion

Mountain Valley Pavilion at the Otto Labyrinth ParkJune 2021 Update 

Finished or not, we are beginning programs in the Earth Bag Pavilion at the Otto Labyrinth Park in July, 2021. We started building summer of 2019. Got the roof on and the walls up. But did not get the earth bags cobbed (covered with mud/straw and then lime/straw). 2020 was not a great year for anyone. Charlie, my husband, was dealing with health problems and transitioned into the Light last year. It rained all spring, summer, and fall, so whatever cobbing/mudding we did fell off the walls. And COVID prevented any group help.

Today Rod, our builder and Master Beekeeper and Socrates, who recently moved here from Sedona (see bottom left photo) are finishing the decking required to get into the building. It is huge inside, and cool, and organic and earthy and loving. And unfinished.  In July, 2021 we will start offering Community Drumming Circles and what programming we can do in the unfinished space.

During this summer we are seeking financial or physical volunteers to help us complete the building. Rod is a Master carpenter and wood has gone up 300% from last year. Financial help would be greatly appreciated so we can frame in, screen, and build shutters for the windows. All we have now is a door we purchased last year! Your donations through PayPal will be put to good use!  We are looking for either physical bodies or financial donations to pay for hired labor, to complete the cobbing of the walls inside and outside. We want to “seal” the walls before another winter.  Contact Jill at Mountain Valley Center, 828-369-5698 to be placed on a volunteer list. Or donate at PayPal:

When finished, we see the Pavilion providing shelter for programs ranging from drumming to children’s rock painting, harp concerts to bluegrass bands, weddings to family reunions, sound healing to self-healing events. Any group who appreciates nature, the forest, creek, and lily ponds and of course, the outdoor Labyrinth Park. Fees will be reasonable and proportioned to the event taking place. The Labyrinth Park was established in 1998 and has had thousands of visitors since then, providing sanctuary and peace. The Pavilion shelter has been a long time coming. Let us make its time now! Thank you for reading and spreading the word and participating in our dream.

earth bag pavilionIn May 2019 we began building our Earth Bag Pavilion

The Center is 36 feet in diameter and  built with mixed medium including EarthBag Foundation and Earth Bag low walls with Screened windows and shutters.   The Center is located between the ponds and the Welcome Center store and connected with ramps to the Welcome Center Gift Shop. Aand now have parking on two levels!

The 1,000 square foot building will provide the community with meeting and retreat space, glamping for those who prefer camping inside a structure, and much more. Though not completely finished, the energy inside the Pavilion is incredible. Sitting within earthen walls, with the breeze flowing through the widows (to be screened and shuttered once the cobbing is completed, brings a sense of peace and grounding. It’s purpose is becoming more clear as a perfect balance to the Labyrinth. We see the Pavilion being used by individuals for reflection and meditation, by groups for family gatherings, weddings, and ceremony, by healers for Sound Healing experiences and concerts, and by groups for workshops, support groups, yoga and chi gong classes, and much more.

Even though we’ve had delays this year due to weather, finances and Covid 19, we look forward to offering this to our community in 2021.

Enjoy the Peace, Healing and Well Being the Otto Labyrinth Brings

Otto Labyrinth in 1999The Labyrinth Park is special any time of the year! Come and enjoy the peace of the Labyrinth and Old Growth Faerie Forest from dawn to dusk all year long. In addition, if you have a group that would like to use this space for a retreat, or wedding or family reunion, just let us know. We’d be happy to share our land and resources. Enjoy the space!!!


Otto Labyrinth Park
43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763
phone: 828-369-5698

The Otto Labyrinth Park was open to the public in April 1998. It is made of 10 tons of stone and sits in a high energy spot with a creek on two sides, a pond on the third and a hillside of mountain laurel above.

Visit our Labyrinth Page for more photos and information!

Visit Foundation for Well to make your annual donation to support and enhance the Labyrinth Park experience for everyone! Click on the link provided to make your tax deductible donation using PayPal to keep the Park beautiful for all in 2019! If you wish to donate by check, mail your check to the address above!

Or use the PayPal button below to donate to the Park

Mountain Valley Center Services at the Otto Labyrinth Park

Mountain Valley Light Activation

Socrates White Eagle & family moved from Sedona to Franklin, NC last Fall. According to Socrates, he’s just here to help us “recharge our batteries” with a his unique Light Activation skills.

     Individual Sessions  are offered in the Welcome Center at the   Otto Labyrinth Park from 1-5 pm on Thursdays.

     Stop by on Thursdays or call 828-369-5698 for an appointment time.

     Sessions with Socrates are by donation only. Wear comfortable clothing. 


Become a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning today!certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

Jill teaches this one on one course customized to your unique training and instructional situation. In CFAL, Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning, you learn How to Teach, What you Teach. We provide one on one feedback as you learn the skills to develop your in person or on-line training course. Without the Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets, in person and online training become nothing more than show and tell. Create or expand upon a course you teach, ensuring your Adult Learners gain the skills they need from your training, whether its for a work or personal growth.

Feel the Flow Workshop

Feel the Flow drawingFeel the Flow Energy SourceBook Workshop for Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Polarity Energy Balancing with author Dr. Jill Henry. Feel the Flow is an intensive workshop that will provide you with practical skills for Energy Balancing and Healing. The full day workshop gives you the knowledge and practice you need to make a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you.
Based on Dr. Jill Henry’s Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy, participants will be guided through in-depth study of 3 major Energy sources – Meditation, Chakras, & Polarity. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience, from the novice in Energy Healing to Massage Therapists, Energy Workers and Body Workers.
Join us in Feeling the Flow of Source Energy in your life! **To provide the optimal experience, this workshop is designed for 4 participants**
Offered on site – Call for further information or to book a workshop at your facility. Note: Live workshops will begin again after the Pavilion is complete and when Covid 19 is under some sense of control.

Sample Schedule

8:15 am Registration & Pre-Test
8:30 am Welcome & Expectations
8:45 am Chakra Energy
10:45 am Break
11:00 am Polarity Energy Balancing
11:45 am Lunch (on your own)
optional Otto Labyrinth Walk
1:00 pm Polarity Energy Balancing (cont.)
2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm Meditation as a Tool for Action
4:10 pm Plans for the Future
4:30 pm Post-test and Adjourn

Feel the Flow
2021 Dates to be Determined
Tuition (includes materials and handouts) $ 75.00

For Info and to Resister contact: Mountain Valley Center, 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC, 28763
Phone: 828-369-5698 Toll Free: 1-888-773-2491

Click here for detailed information on Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Polarity Energy Balancing, and Feng shui based on her international, award winning Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy You are invited to spend a day, or a week learning how to balance body/mind/spirit energy through meditation, chakra balancing, polarity 5 element balancing and feng shui.
Private Instruction

Dr Jill Henry offers private instruction in Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Polarity Energy Balancing, and Feng shui based on her international, award winning Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy You are invited to spend a day, or a week learning how to balance body/mind/spirit energy through meditation, chakra bala
Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

About Dr. Jill Henry

Dr. Jill Newman HenryIt all began with my dissertation at the University of Georgia in 1988 titled: Development and Learning for Transformation. After being awarded my doctoral degree, I left my position as a tenured professor of Physical Therapy at the Medical College of Georgia and opened up a metaphysical store (the only one) in Augusta, Georgia called The Relaxation Station. Here I spent the next 6 years learning the practice of metaphysics with over 100 different instructors who taught at “The Station”. In 1994 I moved to the mountains and In 2004 I submitted a manuscript to Llewellyn Worldwide, who “bought” my book, titled: Energy Sourcebook, the Fundamentals of Personal Energy. My book won the prestigious COVR award for best in Alternative Medicine in 2005 and has since been translated into 4 languages across the world. I continue to work part time as a physical therapist and up until now my schedule has kept me from my first love, teaching & learning & sharing with others. I hope you join me in this series of workshops!

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