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Earth Element

The Earth Element – Earth Energy Balancing

Earth is dense, passive and fertile. Earth is the great provider, associated with permanency and stability. Earth provides shelter and protection. Earth provides clay, brick, wood, and food. Associated with the 1st or root chakra, the earth element provides the grounding necessary to exist on the physical plane. Earth also has the capacity for absorbing other elements in this manifestation process. Earthy people are “down to earth”, “grounded”, “solid”. Place an earth person in the room with an air person and just watch what happens. The airy personality will be standing, pacing, circling around the earthy person, seated comfortable and just observing.

We need the quality of Earth to ground our ideas and manifest our dreams. Earth brings our thoughts down to reality and provides a stable foundation for building our lives.


Earth is associated with bodily forms. Hair is ether in earth, skin is air in earth, blood vessels are fire in earth, muscles are water in earth and bones are earth in earth. Disturbances in any of these areas indicate unbalanced proportions to water to the other elements. The common concern of osteoporosis with aging indicates a lack of the earth element. As we grow older, we are more active in our thoughts (either/air) than with our bodies. Physical activities, especially in natural settings, increase the earth element regardless of age.


Earth has its positive pole in the neck area, ruled by the sign of Taurus. Its neutral pole is in the colon, ruled by Virgo, and its negative pole in the knees, ruled by Capricorn. Knees and bowels are common areas of concern with aging. Too much earth energy slows down the digestive system and clogs the space in the joints. Too little accounts for fragility of hair, skin and bones. Gardening is a great way to increase earth energy easily. Being out in nature, feeling the earth through your fingertips connects one with earth itself. Stretching, reaching and bending loosens the joints and returns flexibility and space to the body.


The medical profession currently diagnoses a disease by placing a label on a complex set of physical signs and symptoms. This label “encapsulates” the problem and places it in a category in which mechanical and chemical means may be used to resolve the problem. Polarity Therapy recognizes areas of dis-ease, areas where energy is not flowing smoothly. Dr. Stone stated “Causes are always in the Energy Field, never in Matter”. Lack of flow in the energy field may well invite dis-ease, however, it is a simple matter to encourage the energy to return to its natural, healthy state of flow. With this in mind, I now list potential dis-ease associated with the Earth element.

Problems in the following areas may indicate an imbalance of the Earth energies.

  • Osteoporosis
  • Constipation
  • Colitis
  • Spastic Colon
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Chronic Tension in the neck, abdomen, or knees


The Earth element is associated with the positive (giving) energy of the little finger and toe. A very simple way to encourage the flow of earth is to massage these digits. Use it to ground yourself when you are feeling spacey or “out of it”

Earth energy may be balanced easily by a technique known as the Earth Button. Place two fingers of your left hand directly above the pubic bone and two fingers of your right hand just below the lower lip. Massage gently with the two upper fingers and then gently hold both contacts. Breathe deeply, visualizing the movement of energy down the center of your body. Add looking up and down with your eyes (without moving your head) to assist the top-bottom connection. When you feel the energy flow is complete, remove your hands from their contacts. Finish by looking around in a downward direction. Downward eye placement activates the top/bottom dimension of the brain. This emphasizes the feeling of stability and anchors in a feeling of being grounded.

Earth Energy is also balanced by reminders in our environment of our connection to the Earth. Unique gifts in this section of our website that have been specially selected to help enhance your Earth


Balanced Earth brings a sense of grounding into your life. You are able to turn your ideas into reality and see them take form. Time spent in nature; sitting on the ground, playing in the dirt, stimulate the earth energy. So take a break and go hug a tree. Tell your boss/family/friends that you are just doing your “therapy” to balance your energy. Maybe they will even join you!

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© 2010 Jill N. Henry, Ed.D. PT, APP, all rights reserved


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And special thanks to my Polarity Teacher, Angela Plum, PhD, RPP, Academy of Natural Therapies, Marshall, NC

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