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Earth Gifts from Mountain Valley, Salt Lamps and Trolls

Earth Element Grounds with Crystal Energy, Salt Lamps and Trolls

Earth Gifts from Mountain Valley, Salt Lamps and Trolls

Earth Element Gifts

Crystals, Trolls, Salt Lamps are gifts of the Earth that help us ground and center our lives.

Click here to watch video and read more about the Earth Element!

Earth is dense, passive, the great provider. It has permanency and stability, and provides shelter and protection. Earth energy flows downward and earth people have a low center of gravity. They are grounded. Earth is associated with the north, winter, and material gain. Astrologically, Earth signs are Taurus (April 21-May 21), Virgo (August 14-September. 23), and Capricorn (December 22 - January 20). When Earth is balanced we find courage and contentment. Learn more on our blog post about how to Balance Your Earth Energy


Phantom Crystal

have been used for centuries for their self help, meditation and healing properties. We have a wide selection of healing crystals including Lemurians!

Salt Lamp Ionizers

Ionizing Salt Lamp

Halite Rock Salt Crystal Lamp Ionizers
are a beautiful, maintenance free, natural healing from the Earth to improve air quality by emitting negative ions that purify and energize!

Mountain Trolls

Handmade Troll

For almost 20 years we have carried these unique Trolls
in our store. Now they are making their web debut so all may see and enjoy their unique beauty and wonderful healing joy!

Chakra Jewelry

Chakra Tree of Life Sterling Silver Pendant

Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry
Sterling Silver chakra jewelry designs are delicate and filled with genuine gemstones and loving energy.

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