Healing Earth Gifts


Metaphysical gifts of crystals and jewelry are specially selected to help you ground, center, manifest and enjoy a life fulfilled

Earth is dense, passive and fertile. Earth is the great provider, associated with permanency and stability. Earth provides shelter and protection. Earth provides clay, brick, wood, and food. Associated with the 1st or root chakra, the earth element provides the grounding necessary to exist on the physical plane. Earth also has the capacity for absorbing other elements in this manifestation process. Earthy people are “down to earth”, “grounded”, “solid”. We need the quality of Earth to ground our ideas and manifest our dreams. Earth brings our thoughts down to reality and provides a stable foundation for building our lives.. Read more

In addition, if you are visiting the Smoky Mountains we invite you to stop by and walk our 7 circuit outdoor Labyrinth at the Otto Labyirnth Park. The 12 tons of stone Labyrinth is nestled bewteen lily ponds and an old growth laurel forest and located between Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. Read more

Earth is associated with the north, winter, and material gain. Astrologically, Earth signs are Taurus (April 21-May 21), Virgo (August 14-September. 23), and Capricorn (December 22 – January 20). When Earth is balanced we find courage and contentment.

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