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A note from Jill  – As I visit with different radio hosts while promoting my book Well-Being, I find myself answering one question the same way each time. When asked where to start to heal, de-stress, become abundant or whatever your dream is, start with 5 minutes of mindful meditation each day, every day. Just 5 minutes done consistently will allow you to release the grip of the subconscious mind that is the only thing preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 5 minutes to breathe and feel your breath come in and out of your nose. 5 minutes to observe how many negative thoughts you are carrying around and not react to any of them. Become neutral – “oh you again” – and let your habitual thoughts go by not investing energy in them. This disempowers them and creates the energy space for goodness to come into your life. Just 5 minutes every day.  Let me know how you do!  Jill Henry, author of  Well-Being, EBI Practitioner and owner creator of this website.

Healing Earth Gifts from Mountain Valley Center metaphysical supply store

Labyrinth Park


Ground and Center with Healing Earth Gifts:

Walk the Otto Labyrinth in NC and find both Cretan and Chartres Labyrinth Gifts. Select Well Being Jewelry. Scalar Energy Pendants and Orgonite, to protect against cellular EMF’s. Gemstone Jewelry and Goddess Jewelry to align your energies and share your path to others!

Refresh and Inspire with Mindful Air Gifts:

Sound Healing is coming to the forefront in alternative medicine. Our selection includes both traditional Singing Bowls and Modern Tuning Forks give you the sound frequencies you need to relax and heal. Prayer Flags, Bells and Tingshas send good energy through the air and the cosmos!

Light your Fire with Sacred Fire Gifts:

To Smudge with Sage is the traditional way to clear space for ceremony, healing, and well-being. Sage is an herb, smudging is the process of lighting an herb and sending its smoke into the air. We carry Sage and Smudging Supplies as well as Chakra Candles, Candle Melts, and Inspirational Candles.

Calming Water Flowing Energy for Body, Mind and Soul:

Chakras are the way Energy Flows in the Body, and Feng Shui is the way Energy Flows in the environment. We carry gifts and supplies of both these essentials for well-being. Chakra Energy Gifts, Feng Shui Gifts. BONUS: Relax and hang out for a while with our original Free Music Inspirational and Instructional Videos.

Well-Being has Arrived!

Greetings, It’s Jill Henry here from the Otto Labyrinth Park and Mountain Valley Center In Otto, NC.

My new book is out, released by Llewellyn Worldwide publishers this month, December 2022. “Well-Being: Move into Energy Balance through Meditation, the Chakras, the Five Elements & Feng Shui” is a completely revised and updated second edition of my original “Energy SourceBook” (2004). 

I’ve added over 100 new references, updated exercises with pictures, and created new “at a glance” info tables for chakras and 5 elements. Plus, I’m much “wiser” now than I was in 2004. I’ve had the opportunity to experience life in greater depth, both the fun and the not so fun.

Designed as a reference book for the experienced, and a “starter” book for the novice, Well-Being takes you on a path from stress management to mediation, from body-mind-energy awareness to gentle hands-on treatments, and from Feng Shui room arrangements to new understandings in quantum science and frequency healing.

Signed by me, the Author, if purchased in-store at the Otto Labyrinth Park, or online at I hope this book brings you as much wisdom and joy as it did me during it’s creation! 

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What are Metaphysical Gifts for Healing and WellBeing?

The world can be a stressful place. Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I find inner peace?  Metaphysical stores specialize in energy frequencies that help you answer the big questions while connecting you with who you are deep inside.
     This allows you to bring awareness to each moment, to forgive, embrace, love and live life fully.  Check out our services, products and training in sound healing, crystals, jewelry, candles, meditation, energy techniques and inner work.
     What you believe and experience in your inner world is reflected back to you in your outer world. Just being on a metaphysical website or in a metaphysical store can help you shift your energy in a positive direction.

Visit us online 24/7, by Phone 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, or contact us by email.

Spiritual Shop, Metaphysical Store, Labyrinth Park & Event Center: Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Candles, Sound Healing. Otto, NC

Phone Toll Free: 1-888-773-2491
Local: 1-828-369-5698 Store

Store Location: 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC Just off US 441 between Clayton, GA and Franklin NC. Easy drive from Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC

Hours: noon to 5 pm Wednesday through Saturday.  

Closed if too cold or snowy. In dicey weather it’s best to call Jill at 828-369-5698 to see if we are open.

Labyrinth Park Hours: Dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Dogs must be on-leash or under control, no fires, Pack out what you pack in. Leave the Park more beautiful than it was when you arrived!

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