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Happy New Year 2019!

Here are links to some presents for the New Year from Us to You.  Reminisce with a poignant song about a horse for all animal Lovers - My Best Friend Jake.  Let go of the Past with this song called Let Go of the Past. And enjoy the future with our new Numerology Cheat Sheet for 2019.  We look forward to your business and company in 2019.

Mountain Valley Center, a One Stop Shop for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Explore our website and find Unique Metaphysical Gifts for Energy Healing and Well Being.  May You Be Well, May You be Happy.

Labyrinth Park & Gifts

Otto Labyrinth Park and Healing Gifts

Labyrinth Park and Gifts.  Walk a Labyrinth in the Smoky Mountains of NC, Find the perfect Labyrinth Gift including Finger Labyrinths, Pewter Labyrinths and Stone Labyrinths!

Well Being Jewelry

Well Being Jewelry at Mountain Valley Center.com

Well Being Jewelry. Delicate Chakra Jewelry and solid Gemstone Amulets plus Scalar Energy and Orgonite pendants provide the perfect selection to balance Body, Mind and Spirit.

Chakra Energy Gifts

Chakra Gifts at Mountain Valley Center.com

Chakra Energy Gifts. Balancing your Chakras is the ultimate way to connect and balance body, mind, and spirit. Learn about Chakras and use gemstones, pendants and bears to balance!

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals at Mountain Valley Center.com

Healing Crystals connect you with Earth and Spirit through their meditation and healing properties. We carry a large selection of Crystals, including Lemurians!

Sound Healing Gifts

Sound Healing Gifts at Mountain Valley Center

Sound Healing Gifts. Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Koshi Tuning Chimes, Chakra Steel Drums,  Tuning Forks by Beaulieu and by Goldman help you in Meditation and Energy Healing.

Earth Element Gifts

Earth Gifts from Mountain Valley Center.com, Salt Lamps and Trolls

Earth Element Gifts. Salt Lamps purify your home and business while Mountain Trolls add whimsy to your life! Special gemstones offer additional meditative energies.

Air Element Gifts

Air Element Gifts from Mountain Valley Center.com, Space Clearning Bells, prayer flags and aromatherapy

Air Element Gifts. Prayer Flags to lighten and bless the world. Gypsy Goddess Goddess Oils and Space Clearing bells and Koshi Tuning Chimes cleanse and nourish your environment.

Water Element Gifts

Gypsy goddess Horn of Plenty

Water Element Gifts. We've selected Gypsy Goddess Waters, Elixirs and Oils to represent the Water Element in our products. A great way to use Water with Intention everyday!

Feng Shui Gifts

Feng Shui Baqua Map and Gifts at Mountain Valley Center.com

Feng Shui Gifts. Learn more about how Feng Shui energizes your home and office with our Free Baqua Guide and Feng Shui Crystals, Cures and Statuary.

Videos, Articles and MP3's

Music and How to Videos by JIll and Charlie at Mountain Valley Center.com

Videos, Articles and MP3's. Original Music Videos, MP3 downloads and Self Help Articles for Your Peace and Well Being by Dr Jill Henry and Charles Henry.

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning

Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning on line course Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning. On-line, 20 hour training course for anyone involved in teaching adults, from college courses to self help workshops.

More Information about us!

We select unique metaphysical gifts and tools to enhance your Peace and Well Being. Crystals, Candles, Chakra Jewelry, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Labyrinth gifts, Feng Shui,and more. We hope you enjoy our website and find peace and balance in your life!

What is metaphysical?  "...a philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being" (mirriam-webster dictionary). We believe there is more to life than meets the eye. A quest for the unseen metaphysical energy that guides our experience and being. Our products are selected to help you discover and use the metaphysical energy that exists all around us to fill your life with Love, Success and Happiness.


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Half way between Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC, we are an easy drive from both! Just 3 miles north of Dillard, Georgia, and 7 miles south of Franklin, NC. See
Mountain Valley Center, Otto, NC

What our customers are saying about us!

Hello Charlie!!! I cannot believe all the wonderful products you have on your website!! It is like Christmas every day when I browse through your website and discover what delightful products you and Jill offer. You are "one stop shopping for spirit"!!

Your site is wonderfully overwelming. I am still working my way through it. Maybe I have finally found my way home.

The Web Site just caught my eye while I was looking for various things. Seems to have so much to offer those of us who are looking to improve our life and our abilities the cope with the problems of these crazy time we live in.

Your site is unbelievable! Everything is useful. I spent over 45 minutes browsing prior to making my purchase.

A good source for a lot of items that generally you have to go to several different sites or companies to find. One stop shopping ! Thank you.

What our customers are saying about our Lemurian Crystals!

Dear Charlie,
What a wonderful surprise I had in my mailbox today!! A beautiful Lemurian crystal with outstanding striations and a most special record keeper that I found tucked in at the tip of the crystal. Thank you Charlie and thank you Jill for being so kind and generous and from the heart. I was meditating with it today when I was doing readings and the energy and loving strength that glided through my spirit was amazing.
You can be assured I will share your website with my clients and my students. I am working almost soley with the Lemurian energy right now as I am studying Lemuria and Atlantis with a wonderful mentor and it is just what the spirit ordered!! Also, thank you for the Chevron Amethyst, it is beautiful and I will make gem water tomorrow with it and take it to work!!
Lemurian crystals are just like M and M's the candy. You just can't have one so I will be ordering again soon.
Thank you for the care and love you put into your business and may you and Jill be more successful every day.

Blessings of peace and happiness,
B. H. 10.19.10


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