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Gifts Of Spirit And Metaphysical Supplies: Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Candles, Sound Healing

Metaphysical gifts of crystals and jewelry are specially selected to help you ground, center, manifest and enjoy a life fulfilled.


Scalar Energy Pendants protect against negative EMF’s while promoting healthy cells. 24k gold plated $56.00, Stainless Steel $24.00

Today's Featured Air Gift

Otto anf Om tuning fork

Treat tension headaches, muscle and joint pain, and ground energy with the Otto Tuning Fork by John Beaulieu & Biosonic Repatterning. $75.00 OVERSTOCK SALE NOW $60.00

Mindful Air gifts  of healing sound and wind and oracles inspire us to new heights of freedom and peace. 

Light your Fire and Transform your Life with Sacred Fire gifts of sage and smudge, candles and incense!

Today's Featured Fire Gift

4 inch White Sage Smudge Wand with Mullein for respiratory balancing. $6.00

Today's Featured Water Gift

Dancing Chakra image10 Minute Chakra Tune Up MP3 Download  – Watch the Video and download the audio mp3 for $1.99. Make time to tune up your energy every day!

Calming Waters is the flow of energy in Feng Shui, Chakra Balancing, Inner work and music.

Play Video about Video cover image, cartoon, 3 people sitting around a table, talking, playing cardsd on the table. Video https://youtu.be/GkXpvJ78XIo

     The world can be a stressful place. Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I find inner peace?  Metaphysical stores specialize in energy frequencies that help you answer the big questions while connecting you with who you are deep inside.
     This alows you to bring awareness to each moment, to forgive, embrace, love and live life fully.  Check out our services, products and training in sound healing, crystals, jewelry, candles, meditation, energy techniques and inner work.
     What you believe and experience in your inner world is reflected back to you in your outer world. Just being on a metaphysical website or in a metaphysical store can help you shift your energy in a positive direction.

Visit us online 24/7, by Phone 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, or contact us by email.

Phone Toll Free: 1-888-773-2491
Local: 1-828-369-5698 Store

Store Location: 43 Shambala Way, Otto, NC Just off US 441 between Clayton, GA and Franklin NC. Easy drive from Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC

Hours: noon to 5 pm Wednesday through Saturday.  

Labyrinth Park Hours: Dawn to dusk 7 days a week. Dogs must be on-leash or under control, no fires, Pack out what you pack in. Leave the Park more beautiful than it was when you arrived!

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Wellness Blog

Distant healing, energy body integrations

Energy Body Integrations – EBI

Energy Body Integrations – EBI aka Distant Treating, Distant Healing The highest healing does not occur at the conscious level. The conscious level only interfers. It’s when we “go away” during a session that the healing occurs. When the client’s mind gets out of the way, the chatter of the conscious mind stops and brain frequency shifts.  A deep connection of healing

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Tuning forks for frequency, vibration and sound healing

Sound Healing and Tuning Forks – What’s the big deal?

Sound alters our biochemistry and enhances all energy therapy practices. Individuals use Tuning Forks to relieve everyday stress, as an aid to mental clarity, to enhance yoga and meditation, and as a pain management tool. Recent research also indicates that tuning forks spike nitric oxide, causing our cells to rhythmically puff, which is a universal source of health and well-being.

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Ether, Space

Sound Healing And Ether Element Balancing

SOUND HEALS Sound is a basis for our lives and in utero our sense of hearing develops first. In essence, we can hear our mother’s heartbeat, the rhythm of her breath and music if placed close to the womb.Vocal tones, Tuning forks, Tibetan Bowls or Crystal Singing bowls all bring comfort and stress reduction to the person listening. Research in

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rainbow chakra water drop

The Water Element – Water Energy Balancing

Also see Polarity Therapy Water is formless, feminine, magical and healing. It’s tides are influenced by the moon. The source of life, (we begin in water in the womb) water is associated with purification and baptism. Depth of feeling, emotions and the ability to let them flow are a part of water. A shape changer, water exists in different forms

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Around the campfire

The Fire Element – Fire Energy Balancing

Also See Polarity Therapy Fire is light, heat, the Sun. Fire can flare up and get easily out of control. We speak of a “trial by fire” as a cleansing and growing experience. Fire has the quality of transformation. Associated with the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, fire is the element of personal power, of will power. Fire under control

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Mindful Air includes singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, prayer flags, books and CD's

The Air Element – Air Energy Balancing

Also see Polarity Therapy Air Element For Natural Healing And Well Being Air Element’s Basic Characteristics Air is the wind and is associated with movement. Located in the heart chakra, air reflects our lightness and ease of movement. Like the wind, air is pervasive and only perceptible when it moves. Like the wind, air is changeable. On a still day

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pushing rock up a hill next to flowing river of words

Pushing vs Flowing and Your Immune System

Sometimes it seems that all my life I’ve been pushing to get things done, to learn more, to create more, to accomplish more. Pushing to be all things to all people. Pushing to get on with the Park, to get the Pavilion completed, to finish the work Charlie and I began in 1998. Yet when I look back, much of

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