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Free Spirit of Water Blessing Label with every order. 

We are remodeling the store and assessing the inventory for a couple of weeks.

Starting Sunday, August 20, 2023 the store will be closed and no online orders. 

It’s Transformation Time! Stay tuned. 

red leaves on a tree

Waving at Leaves

It’s the season for Leaf Lookers in the Mountains. This year, as you watch the leaves, notice the ones that wave back to you while you are looking.

As John Springer often said ”Leaves are acknowledging you and it’s nice if you wave back!”

Try it! As you are admiring the Fall colors you may see a leaf or group of leaves waving in the wind, but then you notice that the leaves around them are not moving. “How can that be? you ask. “Why would one leaf move when others are still?”

Perhaps it’s because that leaf, or group of leaves, has noticed you! Let your imagination play with this idea and wave back! Don’t worry if those around you think you are “silly” or “crazy”. Just wave back.

A smile will come to your face! Your body will feel younger as you do what you did when you were a child. Wave back and feel the energy! Wave back and feel the joy! Wave back and feel your connectedness with the leaf, the tree, the forest and nature herself.

If we can connect to a leaf, we can connect to everyone and everything in the world. Tthis Fall, when a leaf waves to you, Wave Back!

Practice Waving Here!

golden leaves waving in the wind

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