Labyrinth Gifts – It is Solved by Walking

Mountain Valley Labyrinth Gifts - finger labyrinths, pewter labyrinth, stone labyrinths

Choose among our many Labyrinth Gifts to assist you in your quest for peace and well being! The Labyrinth is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center. It’s the outward sign of an inner pilgrimage. Originally found in ancient Crete, the Labyrinth symbol has appeared in many cultures including  Cornwall in the UK, the Hopi Indians, European Cathedrals and in modern days they are used in Churches, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers. Walking a labyrinth, or tracing the pattern with your fingers, brings a deep sense of peace and harmony. Perhaps it is because you must focus on one step at a time, trusting that the journey will always lead to your Center, even when it appears you are traveling in the opposite direction.

Walk a path with your fingers using the miniature labyrinths below or walk through our Outdoor Labyrinth at the Otto Labyrinth Park! We hope you will find the perfect gift from our collection to assist you in your own journey to peace and happiness. Have fun, relax, and Enjoy!


The classical labyrinth has only one path to the center, with no dead-ends. One of the best known patterns was incorporated into the floor pavement of the Chartres Cathedral, near Paris, France, around 1200 AD. It is an eleven circuit design divided into four quadrants. This labyrinth pattern was originally intended to be walked as a pilgrimage, a questing or searching journey with the hope of becoming closer to God. It often served as a symbolic substitute for the actual pilgrimage to Jerusalem and was called the “Chemin de Jerusalem” or Road to Jerusalem.

When walking, or tracing the pattern, of the Chartres labyrinth, its rhythmic nature is noticeable. The path inward is of increasing amplitude, with smaller inner circles progressing to larger outer circles. The entrance to the center happens during the most energetic phase, created by movements of the larger circles. The path going out is one of decreasing amplitude. Thus, the labyrinth walk re-creates our natural cycles of expansion and contraction and connects us to our very own energies.

A labyrinth is made to be walked. It is a journey into our own centers. Even walking a finger labyrinth with one’s fingertip or visually traveling the labyrinth with one’s eyes will arouse kinesthetic sensations. One “feels” a labyrinth as much as one travels it.

Labyrinths have re-gained popularity in the last 20 years as powerful spiritual tools. Walking the labyrinth while in contemplation or meditation can arouse deep feelings of peace and calm, resulting in healing and feelings of great well being. Labyrinths are currently being used not only in Churches, but in hospitals, community centers, and recreation areas by those who wish to experience a gentle walk to peace of mind, body, and spirit.