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Sterling Silver and Gemstone Chakra Jewelry

Sterling Silver Chakra Gemstone Jewelry from Mountain Valley Center

Sterling Silver and Gemstone Chakra Jewelry

Authentic Gemstones, Unique Designs, and Delicate Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry provide healing and Well Being to Body, Mind and Spirit anywhere, anytime.  Because, at Mountain Valley Center we are very particular when it comes to the energy of our jewelry. We carry Chakra Jewelry from Esprit Creations because we have met Elaine and her family and know that her designs are filled with crystal healing energy. All chakra jewelry comes in a gift box, ready for gifting.

Chakra Jewelry  contains gemstones that represent each of the seven chakras. These chakra gemstones have frequencies that resonate with  the seven different energy systems in the body.  For example, the Root chakra governs Grounding and is represented by garnet in our chakra jewelry. For more detailed information on the chakras and the body’s energy systems, see our blog pages here.

We looked for years at different Chakra Pendant designs until we found Elaine Sheth and Esprit Creations

All sterling silver Chakra jewelry is made with high quality natural gemstones. Many of these unique designs are exclusive to Esprit Creations and all the designs in this series have the following chakra stones: Root Chakra- garnet, Pelvic Chakra  - carnelian, Solar Plexus Chakra  - citrine, Heart Chakra- peridot, Throat Chakra- blue topaz, Brow Chakra- iolite, and Crown Chakra- amethyst. (occasional gemstone substitution is normal subject to availability of stones) Click here to see gemstone meanings in the Story Card we include with every order.

For more information on the meaning and qualities of the gemstones and their relationship to each chakra, see our related Blog post.
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