Goddess, Celtic, Wiccan Sterling Silver Pendants

Like written languages, symbols carry meanings and have been used since ancient times to communicate ideas. More, this symbolic ‘language’ contains much more depth of meaning than ordinary words. The designs in the pendants and charms speak to our collective, though unconscious understanding and ‘memories’ of important stories, myths and momentous events. Each symbol may have a variety of associated meanings. Those symbols that we respond to most may represent cellular memories of stories and events important to our own ancestors.

Celtic, Goddess and Wiccan symbols remind us of our deep connection with Nature, with the cycles of life. Celtic symbols have a common theme of love, loyalty, strength, unity and religious belief. For Women, the triple goddess represents our passage from Maiden through Mother into Crone, each period giving its special gifts and lessons. Witches and Warlocks find ceremony and rituals, expecially in the phases of the moon, to be a guiding force in life. New Moon – new beginnings; Waxing Crescent Moon – intentions: First Quarter – go for it: Waxing Gibbous – building: Full Moon – harvesting: Waining Gibbous – look within: Last quarter – release: Waining Cresent – rest.

We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoyed finding them. Check back often for new designs too!

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