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Well Being Jewelry - Chakra and Gemstone Amulets, Scalar Energy, Labyrinth Jewelry

Well Being Jewelry for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Well Being Jewelry for Body, Mind and Spirit

Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry at Mountain Valley Center

We carry the most Unique and Energy Manifesting jewelry on the planet! Our jewelry is hand selected from mostly small manufacturers. Explore our collections of Chakra Jewelry, Natural Gemstone Amulets, Scalar Energy jewelry, Sacred Symbol Jewelry and more. Follow the links below to find your perfect jewelry for energy and healing!  Click Here to watch our video Blog first!

Chakra Jewelry

Sterling Silver Chakra Gemstone Jewelry from Mountain Valley CenterSterling Silver Chakra Jewelry Sterling Silver chakra jewelry designs are delicate and filled with loving energy. Designed by Elaine of Esprit Creations.

Ancient Symbols Pendants

Ancient Symbols Sterling Silver Pendant CollectionThe Designs on these Sterling Silver Pendants come from Ancient Cultures including: Celts, Christians, Pagans, Goddess, Wiccan, Eastern, Western, and all in between!

Gemstone Amulets

Gemstone Amulets and Wands by Seeds of Light

Gemstone Amulets:  Amulets are physical manifestations of your intentions. We are happy to offer you the best healing energy gemstone amulets we have ever seen, hand made and blessed by Seeds of Light.

Gemstone Mini (Baby) Wand Pendants

Gemstone Mini (Baby) Wand Pendants

These beautiful min or baby wand pendants are also hand crafted and blessed by Seeds of Light.  They are similar to the amulets in a more delicate setting. Check out both pages to find the perfect Gemstone pendant for you!

Gemstone Blades

Prosperity Blade Amulet (Abundance), Handmade gemstone blade pendant by Seeds of Light. Blade amulet pendants are approximately 1.75 inches long by ½ inch wide.Natural Gemstones and silver solder make the perfect combination for these pendants for gals and guys alike!

Scalar Energy Pendants and Rollers

18K gold plated Scalar Energy Pendant

Stainless Steel Pendants, Gold pendants, Quantum energy Rollers - Even Skeptics admit they really work for Quantum Energy Healing

Orgone Energy Pendants

Orgone Energy Pendants. Orgone Protects from Negative Energy and EMF's and balances the auric field. Select from our collection of pendants, massage wands, pyramids, pendulums and Pocket Discs!

Sacred Symbol Pendants

Sacred Symbol Love Pendants

Sacred Symbol Pendants Sacred Mandala Art set in Bronze plated zinc heart with resin embedded sacred symbols.

Labyrinth Jewelry

7 circuit labyrinth

Labyrinth Jewelry
Pewter Labyrinth Pendants, bracelets, keychains.

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