3.25 inch OM Copper Alloy Singing Bowl with Brocade Case

OM Copper Alloy Singing Bowl with Silk Brocade Case and playing stick – 3.25 inch diameter, 1.5 inches high


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OM metal Singing Bowl is 3.25 inches in diameter, approx with Case – 5 inch diameter, approx 2.5″ high and comes with a ringing stick. This is considered a “new” bowl, coming from the cottage industries of Tibet who have moved into India and Nepal.

Singing Bowls are made from a mixture of metals and when rubbed with a mallet, they produce a complex and beautiful sound full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. These instruments have been used for centuries to produce relaxation and facilitate healing and meditation. Singing bowls come complete with a wooden playing mallet for striking and rubbing to create your own melodies. Old singing bowls are hand hammered, new are manufactured, sizes, colors and prices may vary according to supply. Instructions and descriptions are included


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