Oracles and Divination Tools

Oracles and Divination Cards and Runes from Mountain Valley Center

Divination comes from the Latin word ‘divinare’ meaning “to foresee, to predict, to prophesy and is related to the Latin word ‘divinus’ or “to be inspired by a god”. It is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a process or ritual. Methods of prophesy have been used in various forms throughout history. Those querying an oracle interpret how a seeker should proceed by reading signs, events, or omens.

Divination can be seen as a method whereby certain features of our lives are interpreted in ways that may provide insight into our problems and challenges. Divination and fortune-telling are usually different in that divination is more a ritualistic practice and is usually enacted as part of a religous ceremony, as seen in traditional African medicine. Fortune-telling is a more of a practice that is used for personal knowledge, information or insight. The numerous divination methods vary by culture and religion.

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