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We offer a wealth of information in our guide to Feng Shui products to help you learn more about the art of Feng Shui and how to use candles, crystals, bells, statues and other cures to create balance, harmony, and prosperity in your home or business.

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a 7,000 year old method of living in harmony and balance with your environment. It is the study of energy (Chi) and how it’s circulation affects people and their environment. The circulation of this invisible energy can be blocked or distorted by elements in our environment, thus creating “Shar Chi” (or negative energy). Our guide to feng shui products and the information in this section is designed to help you unblock the flow of Chi to invite good fortune and harmony into your home, office and business. We wish you much good Chi!

Bonus Article – What is Feng Shui?

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Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the idea of living in harmony and balance with our environment and dates back over 7000 years. It is the study of energy (Chi) and how it’s circulation affects people. Feng Shui tips include the use of the Feng Shui Cures for cleansing and arranging a home or business for prosperity and peace. Feng Shui cures recommend hanging crystals or mirrors in windows to reflect and move energy for health and abundance, based on the 8 Baqua Directions. Feng Shui decorating involves using the elements of earth, water, metal, fire, and wood in home decorating to bring about the most energy flows. Feng Shui colors also are used in different areas of our lives for energy. For career success, wear black. To increase fame, wear red. Pink is for love and romance. Blue/green for knowledge, Green for health and healing.

Feng Shui stores and feng shui products offer ideas for the basic placement of furniture, accessories, and colors that bring prosperity and well being into a home or business. Each product link in our Guide Feng Shui Section will give you more Feng Shui information, tips, and ideas to use Feng Shui. In addition, you may learn more about Feng Shui in this website by going to our Articles section or View a Feng Shui Slide Show!