Healing Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals on Beach Mountain Valley Center

Crystals speak to the child within, and invite us to stop and allow the pure flow of energy to refresh and revitalize us. Each of the healing crystal gifts in our collection of crystal jewelry and energy gemstones is one of a kind. Crystals express the unity of the four elements in their very being. Growing in the Earth, they suggest the mineral evolution of the planet. By their ability to transmit a piezo-electric charge, they are natural expressions of Fire. Crystals are related to Water in both their molecular structure and their ice-like appearance. And just as Air lets light pass through its clarity, so do crystals.

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We hope you discover and enjoy your unique crystal today!

What makes our healing Crystals Special? 

First, we Love Crystals and keep them in our high energy store until they go to the right home! Second, we deal directly with mine owners and hand-picked from their collections. Third, each of the healing crystal gifts and crystal jewelry in our collection is one of a kind with special groupings for special crystals. Discover and enjoy your unique healing crystal gifts today!

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Crystals with individual ID numbers are one of a kind crystals. Ordering multiple quantities of a single unique crystal may result in our substitution of available, equivalent crystals for the one unique crystal of which you ordered multiples. In addition, if you order a crystal that is marked SOLD, we will substitute an equivalent for the no longer available crystal when possible.