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red leaves on a tree

Waving at Leaves

It’s the season for Leaf Lookers in the Mountains. This year, as you watch the leaves, notice the ones that wave back to you while you are looking. As John Springer often said ”Leaves are acknowledging you and it’s nice if you wave back!” Try it! As you are admiring the Fall colors you may see a leaf or group …

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galaxy and astrology

Sky Rhythms – Astrology Notes For September, 2022

Welcome to the season of balance and transition, as here in the northern hemisphere the fullness and abundance of summer make way for the harvest – the gathering in – of Fall. Astronomically, this is marked by the Sun moving into the first degree of Libra, rising and setting due East on the horizon, happening this year on September 22 …

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Mountain Valley Jill playing hand hammered singing bowl

Guide To Playing Himalayan (Metal) Singing Bowls

The sound resonating from these singing bowls is pure and very powerful in centering the mind and body. Unlike the man-made, molded quartz crystal bowls, these are entirely hand-made. These bowls may be several generations old. They come complete with a wooden striker stick. HISTORYTraditional bowls are made in ceremony, of seven metals: one metal for each of the planets. ( …

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Using a space clearing bell to clear a room - article from body and soul magazine

How To Use Sound For Space Clearing How To Use Sound For Space Clearing Use Space Clearing Bells and Tingshas in the following manner. First, ring the bell or chime the tingsha in the center of a room to clear vibrations. Then go to the right of the door and begin ringing it, proceeding clockwise (opening direction) around the room. Clear each room, ending up at …

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astrology signs

Astrology Gemstone Chart

Astrology Gemstone Chart – Just for Fun! Astrology Gemstones SIGNS COLORS GEMSTONES METALS CAPRICORN – January Black and White Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Jet, *Garnet, Obsidian Gold, Silver AQUARIUS – February Electric Blue Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Aquamarine, *Amethyst All Metals PISCES – March Soft Azure & Light Blue Diamond, Turquoise, Jade, Tourmaline, *Bloodstone Silver ARIES – April Red-Orange Ruby, Red Jasper, …

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Computer halite salt lamp with usb connection

Halite Salt Crystal Rock Lamps

Halite Salt Crystal Rock lamps are made from Himalayan Salt Crystals and are natural air ionizers. When the core of halite is hollowed out, and a light bulb placed inside, the result is a release of negative ions into the atmosphere. (A a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. A positive ion in the air …

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Large Lemurian Seed Crystal

Connect with Lemurian Seed Crystals! Lemurians are unique crystals are energetically connected to all other seed crystals and excellent to use for channeling work. They are said to have been planted in the last days by an ancient civilization known as the Lemurians programmed to transmit a message of oneness, with a message of love and equality. Lemuria is said to have been a …

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Set op 5 crystal Platonic solids

Sacred Geometry And Platonic Solids

The 5 Platonic solids are ideal, primal models of crystal patterns that occur naturally throughout the world of minerals, in countless variations. These are the only five regular polyhedral, that is, the only five solids made from the same equilateral, equiangular polygons. Pure quartz crystal is often cut into these primal shapes for use in meditation, healing and manifestation. Click …

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Mountain Valley green Aventurine Orgonite Merkaba Star

What Is The Merkaba?

The Merkaba is a counter-rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affects one’s spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid mind, body and spirit to access and experience other planes of reality or potentials of life. In fact, the Merkaba is even much more than this. Those who have taken …

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Distant healing, energy body integrations

Energy Body Integrations – EBI

Energy Body Integrations – EBI EBI’s are focused distant healing of Energy Bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, causal…), aligning them for optimal Health and Well Being.The highest healing does not occur at the conscious level. The conscious level only interfers. It’s when we “go away” during a session that the healing occurs. When the client’s mind gets out of the way, the chatter …

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Tuning forks for frequency, vibration and sound healing

Sound Healing and Tuning Forks – What’s the big deal?

Sound alters our biochemistry and enhances all energy therapy practices. Individuals use Tuning Forks to relieve everyday stress, as an aid to mental clarity, to enhance yoga and meditation, and as a pain management tool. Recent research also indicates that tuning forks spike nitric oxide, causing our cells to rhythmically puff, which is a universal source of health and well-being. …

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rainbow chakra water drop

The Water Element – Water Energy Balancing

Also see Polarity Therapy Water is formless, feminine, magical and healing. It’s tides are influenced by the moon. The source of life, (we begin in water in the womb) water is associated with purification and baptism. Depth of feeling, emotions and the ability to let them flow are a part of water. A shape changer, water exists in different forms …

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Mindful Air includes singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, prayer flags, books and CD's

The Air Element – Air Energy Balancing

Also see Polarity Therapy Air Element For Natural Healing And Well Being Air Element’s Basic Characteristics Air is the wind and is associated with movement. Located in the heart chakra, air reflects our lightness and ease of movement. Like the wind, air is pervasive and only perceptible when it moves. Like the wind, air is changeable. On a still day …

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Native American with Dream weaver

Paradigms 4 and 5 – Consciousness and Awareness

Paradigms 4 and 5 – Consciousness and Awareness The conventional paradigm has consciousness placed firmly within the body. Paradigm # 4 states that materialism is primary, consciousness is secondary. In other words, we are physical machines that have learned to think. Paradigm states that human awareness can be completely explained as the product of biochemistry Belief in these conventional paradigms …

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Mountain Valley Touching Earth

Paradigms – Mind, Body and Frequency

Paradigms – Mind, Body, and Frequency “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” Albert Einstein  In February we began an exploration of Paradigms – Belief systems upon which a society is organized.  This month we’ll take a look at Belief …

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mountain valley thinking wishing

Paradigm Interlude – Attracting vs. Allowing

 Charlie (my multiple life partner) and I worked for years with both A Course in Miracles and the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction. Each appeared a complete thought system within itself and we did some bouncing back and forth between the two. We frequented the “vortex” together while reminding ourselves that the world we live in is an illusion (as in …

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good vibes

Changing Paradigms and the Body

BELIEF CURRENT The body is composed of clumps of matter separated from one another in time and space. EMERGING In their essential state, our bodies are composed of synchronized vibrations of energy and information, not solid matter. If I believe entirely that there is nothing beyond a physical matter that composes the body, then I must treat all illness and …

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