What is a Metaphysical Store?

Aristotle coined the term metaphysics as “works beyond the physical”. Modern quantum physics has recognized that beneath/beyond the physical is quantum energy. This energy can shift from wave to particle by the intention of the observer. Today this has led to the exploration of the roles of frequency and vibration in Healing and Well Being. “Energy Precedes Form”, Randolph Stone, MD. Change the Energy/Frequency/Vibration and the Form must change. Change the particle into a wave, then back to a new particle configuration.

We are metaphysical because we believe there is more to life than being helpless victims of an unfriendly environment. As a metaphysical store and spiritual gift shop, we select our gifts and services to assist you in shifting your frequency, your vibration, and ultimately your form from illness to wellness, from anger to peace, from depression to joy.

You don’t have to know how that happens. You only need select what feels good, feels right to you for yourself or as a gift to another. That vibration will already shift into something more positive in your life.

Most of our products come from small manufacturers with “good vibrations”, Our Otto area metaphysical store and Labyrinth Park, in the Smoky Mountains between Atlanta and Asheville also offers “good vibrations”.

Our Mission is to Explore, Facilitate, and Advance Well Being. We invite you to join us on line or in person to do the same!

Best Energy Always for your Well Being!

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