As an old friend of mine, Barrie Konicov would say, Greetings and Welcome!

I’m Dr. Jill, owner and CEO of Mountain Valley Center and the Otto Labyinth Park. Over the years I’ve picked up some tools that are helpful in establishing Well-Being. Here is a one page resume from me.  Dr. Jill Henry – Qualifications

The two major Services I currently provide are Polarity Therapy at the Otto Labyrinth Park and Energy Body Integrations remotely.

I also provide readings and regressions during the week. 

In the coming months we will be offering more services, including an Astrologist joining us in July! 

May you be Well, May you be Happy

JIll Newman Henry

Drop in at The Center

Jill is at the Center Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and offers her time for

  • Free Instruction in Mindfulness Meditation
  • Individual Consultations—First 1/2 hour free, after that please donate to the Labyrinth Park
  • Card readings IF there are no customers in store at that time. $35.00


By Appointment