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Spiritual Teachings Links

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  • Wind Daughter and Westwinds The Home of West Winds; The Bear Tribe-Panther Lodge Medicine Society. Wind Daughter facilitates Spiritual Gatherings, Retreats, and Workshops all over the U.S
  • Awaken your spirit at! A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and remind us of the inner truths within us all.
  • Spirit Cloud “Spirit Cloud” was photographed in the summer of 1989, in the small town of Yarrow, BC, Canada.  Notecards & Posters!
  • Yellow Horse Man Grandfather Yellow Horse Man has traveled to many places throughout the world as a Peace Elder, learning about healing and sharing his message of peace. He calls his work “Medicine of the Heart,” going back to the original instructions.
  • Shambhala Sun The Shambhala Sun is the magazine about waking up, bringing a Buddhist view to all the important issues in modern life.
  • Buddhadharma The Practitioner’s Quarterly is the first in-depth, practice-oriented journal for everyone with a serious interest in Buddhism.
  • Spiritual Search An online spiritual resource site.
  • Gopi Krishna Featuring writings from Gopi Krishna regarding Kundalini, higher consciousness, and the need for research into mystical experience and the evolution of the brain.
  • Quest Books Quest Books is the imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, the publishing arm of the Theosophical Society in America, dedicated to promoting understanding among all peoples of the world.
  • Angel Academy A happy site devoted to angel lovers, the study of spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. The world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct communication with his or her angels and guides. Why not you? Why not now?
  • Divine Way of Spiritual Heart Contemporary knowledge about God, the Evolution and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual development. The basis of fundamental psychology, the methodology of spiritual development — on our web-site — books, poems, photos.
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