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  • Flower Essences and Aromatherapy from Tree Frog Farm
    All natural, alcohol-free flower essences & aromatherapy blends for people, pets & animals created on a micro eco-farm and wildlife sanctuary. Phone consultations and personalized blends available.
  • Notes to Self Guided meditation CD Notes to Self Guided meditation CD – visualize yourself in a place of connection with the healing energy of the earth and the expansive energy of the Universe. Relaxing and de-stressing, this CD helps people suffering chronic illness, pain, and cancer.
  • TCM Assistant Complete database of Chinese herbs and formulas, including prescription tools for professionals and information on manufacturers and retailers.
  • Magnetic Therapy Products Wholesale and Retail Magnetic Health Products. Magnetic Therapy can Provide Pain-Relief.
  • Aqua Massage Dry Water Massage Therapy Dry hydrotherapy massage system provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage while fully clothed using dry water massage bed. Lease and sales options are available.
  • Alternative Medicine Network
    Alternative Health Products for men and women, including all natural products for sexual function, hormone imbalance issues such as PMS, menopause and pre-menopause and hormone testing kits
  • Mineral Makeup Cosmetics & Skin Care
    Provides natural mineral makeup cosmetics, body lotion and other skin care products from Monave.
  • Ultimate Water Massage Ultimate Water Massage. Your Online Source for Aromatherapy, essential oils, moist heat therapy and Pain and Stress Relief Information, Products and Services. Get great prices and service from an established company.
  • Aqua Chi Machine
    Cleansing and detoxifying footspa for in-home and practitoner use. Therapeutic aid that is self contained and is used in an ordinary bath tub or foot bath.
  • ThermoFlow Far Infrared Health Products Proven Pain Relief. Drug free, ThermoFlow products use Far-Infrared Rays for Therapy. Good for: arthritis, raynaud’s, carpal tunnel syndrome, post surgery, fibromyalgia, knees, tennis elbow and all kinds of sports injuries …
  • Improve Vision: Natural Vision Improvement
    Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery.
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