Ancient Symbols Pendants and Charms

Ancient Symbols Sterling Silver Pendant Collection

What do we mean by Ancient Symbol Jewelry? Like written languages, symbols carry meanings and have been used since ancient times to communicate ideas. More, this symbolic ‘language’ contains much more depth of meaning than ordinary words. The designs in the pendants and charms speak to our collective, though unconscious understanding and ‘memories’ of important stories, myths and momentous events. Each symbol may have a variety of associated meanings. Those symbols that we respond to most may represent cellular memories of stories and events important to our own ancestors.

Sacred Geometry, Celtic Knots, Mandala Art have been used throughout the centuries to generate the healing energy of Love. Our Sacred Symbol Love Pendants incorporate these symbols into wearable art. A bronze plated zinc alloy Heart with Moon and Stars and the word “Love” surround sacred symbols embedded in resin. Love is the basis for harmony and happiness in life and a daily reminder to share your Love with the world. Pendant size is 3.5cm and all pendants come with matching 20 inch link chain. The sacred symbol pendants are substantial yet lightweight enough to wear comfortably.

Sterling Silver Pendants

Bronze Love Pendants

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