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10 Minutes Calms a Hectic Day

by Carla Gilbertz

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With the hectic pace of life and work, many of us realize we need to relieve stress – but “can’t seem to find the time”. If this sounds like you, the 10 Minute Rainbow Tune-up was designed with you in mind.. On side one of the tape, Dr. Jill N. Henry, Ed.D. guides the listener through relaxation using the colors of the rainbow to release tension and restore balance and a feeling of well being. Each color is accompanied by an ascending musical note scale created by Charles Henry, MS. to match the rainbow progression.

Dr. Henry’s expertise in guided imagery developed out of her research in adult development at the University of Georgia. Mr. Henry is a composer and songwriter with his degree in Communications from the University of Florida. They are married and own Mountain Valley Center, a gift shop and learning center in Otto, North Carolina. Resources for Well Being is the consulting and production arm of their business.

Only 10 Minutes a Day

People from all walks of life have benefited from the tape and continue to enjoy it. With some it has become a mainstay. One college student relates how her hectic schedule is easier to handle after using the tape. “I have been meditating for relaxation for two years, but between a two-hour commute to school, and planning my wedding for this summer, trying to find the time for relaxing is very difficult. A friend of mine told me about the Rainbow tape. At first I was surprised at how relaxed I was after only 10 minutes. I have been using the tape regularly now for six months. I use it to relax between classes, and often after my long drive home. I find it helps me unwind , and the relaxed state helps me concentrate better on my homework.”

From the first time the tape is used, positive results are reported. One woman bought a tape on Saturday, and returned Tuesday for another. She had given her first copy to a friend ” who really needed it.”. A mother of a child with Muscular Dystrophy was sent a tape by a friend. Here’s how she describes the first time she listened to the tape. “With the daily stresses I go through, this tape made me aware of myself as a person, and also more in control of myself. My whole body felt totally relaxed. When the tape ended and I began to stretch and open my eyes, there was a feeling of renewed freshness in my mind and throughout my body.” This has since become a family routine, with both parents and sons enjoying and relaxing together.

Relaxation for All Ages

Other children and parents are finding this tape helpful as well. One mother of a 7-year-old boy says, “my son has been relaxing with the tape for several months after seeing the calm I find from it. When I asked him what he liked about it he said he liked the colors and the way they made him feel – nice and tingly. I’ve noticed that after he uses the tape, he is calm and happier. In fact, when he gets very wound up, I’ll ask him if he needs a tune-up. If he chooses to use the tape, the whole house feels the difference.”

An inventor and bookseller states. ” I could feel the energy and expansion of the colors. The imagery seems to take the edge off of life.” One pregnant, working mother especially enjoys the music on side two. “The music side really makes me feel serene. It helps me get comfortable and allows me to go into a restful sleep; at 8 months pregnant, that is a feat in itself.”

This tape has been used successfully in meditation classes for over a year. Many students use the tape to visualize colors and energies as well as to just relax, get in touch with themselves, or balance the stresses of a busy day. One meditation student relates her first experience with the tape during class. “About a year ago at work, I had a humiliating experience in front of several of our largest customers at work. I was upset for the rest of the day. Later in class the instructor tried to help calm me down, but nothing seemed to help. Toward the end of the class, she put in the tune-up tape. Jill’s voice was very soothing and I easily settled into the meditation. I found that through balancing and concentrating on the colors, I began to release the tension and tumultuous emotion. By the time this meditation was over, I felt like the terrible experience happened to someone else! I was completely amazed and excited at such a change in my mental as well as physical state after only 10 minutes. Since then, I use the tape several times a week, and each time I feel balanced, relaxed, and free of the stresses of the day.