7 metal Singing Bowls from Nepal

Singing Bowls are from the magical Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet & India.

They are made from a mixture of metals and when rubbed with a mallet, they produce a complex and beautiful sound full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. These instruments have been used for centuries to produce relaxation and facilitate healing and meditation. Singing bowls come complete with a wooden playing mallet for striking and rubbing to create your own melodies. As all items are hand crafted, sizes, colors and prices may vary according to supply. Instructions and descriptions are included.

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Below you will find a variety of Metal Singing Bowls. We hand pick all of our bowls from trusted vendors. Some bowls are old, others have been recently made in the old ways. Hand hammered bowls are more traditional, however casted bowls are popular and less expensive. We include a guide to playing these wonderful instruments and an appropriately sized playing stick with each bowl.  Enjoy!

The Small and Large of Singing Bowls!

3 inch Mini Singing Bowl

3 inch metal singing bowl

3 Inch diameter mini Singing Bowl with Tibetan OM symbol. Great Price, Fantastic Sound!


3 inch Mini Singing Bowl, Tibetan OM, with wood playing stick and instructions.

10 inch Diameter B note Hand Hammered Singing Bowl from Nepal

10 inch 7 metal singing bowl from Nepal

10 inch Diameter B note Ascension Singing Bow. Hand Hammered in Nepal with Playing Stick and Instructions. Approx 2000 grams or 4 lbs, 10 ounces. Used to energize the crown chakra to to move your energy to a Higher Level. Note: we have 2 in stock. This photo is representative of either one of them.


10 inch Diameter B note Hand Hammered Singing Bowl from Nepal with Playing Stick and Instructions


Petite 3 Metal Ashtamangala Carved Singing Bowls

Three Metal Tibetan Singing Bowls

These unique "mini bowls" are 2" high and 3.5" in diameter, yet they play a full sound. They are made from Brass, Copper, and Iron and carved with Ashtamangala Symbols (the eight auspicious signs which symbolize the eight-fold path of Buddhist practice)Bottom of three metal tibetan singing bowls


  • The Lotus Flower, representing spiritual purity and compassion
  • The Precious Parasol, the silk canopy that is held above the Budhas and gives protection from all evil influences.
  • The Vase of Great Treasures, containing the spiritual jewels of enlightenment
  • The White Conch Shell spirals to the right and is blown as a horn to announce the Buddha's enlightenment.
  • The Knot of Eternity, also known as the Lucky Diagram and represents unending loving and harmony
  • The Victory Banner that proclaims victory of the Buddhist teachings over ignorance.
  • The Eight Spoked Golden Wheel, also known as the Wheel of Dharma and represents the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddhadharma.
  • The Two Golden Fishes, representing spiritual release from the ocean of samsara.

Ashtamangala 3-metal Carved Singing Bowls

One Ashtamangala 3-metal Carved Singing Bowl  


One Ashtamangala 3-metal Carved Singing Bowls, approx. 350 gram Singing Bowl-playing stick-instructions

Hammered and Molded Singing Bowls

Hammered and Molded Singing Bowl

hamrmered singing bowl

This is a cross-over metal singing bowl. It is both hammered and bottom of hammered singing bowlmolded to create an easy play, great sounding bowl at a reasonable price. The bowl weights approx 2 pounds and is 5.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall. A beautiful bowl for either beginner or advanced bowl player.  The inside bottom is beautiful too! Comes with playing stick and instructions.


Singing Bowl 6734A - hammered and molded bowl, approx 900 grams, 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches


Hammered and Molded Singing Bowl

This is a cross-over metal singing bowl. It is both hammered andinside of singing bowl molded to create an easy play, great sounding bowl at a reasonable price. The bowl weights approx 2 pounds and is 5.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall. A beautiful bowl for either beginner or advanced bowl player.  The inside bottom is beautiful too!  Comes with playing stick and instructions.


Singing Bowl 6734B - hammered and molded singing bowl, 5.5 inches diameter, 3.5 inches tall, approx 900 grams

Hand-Hammered Singing Bowls


The singing bowls below are made of multiple metals and either hand-hammered or a combination of lathe and hammering.

We test each bowl to verify high quality sound and ease of playing. Bowls are sold by gram weight at 25-30 cents/gram. A typical Medium size bowl is around 500 grams, has a 6" diameter, a 3" height, and sells for about $150. Bowls with smaller diameters often are thicker and heavier, resulting in the same high quality sound that play in larger, thinner bowls. We offer bowls on the web ranging from 300 grams to 1000+ grams. All singing bowls come with wood striker stick and playing instructions.

NOTE: Pictures of bowls were taken together. If you see a picture and no order form, that means the bowl has been sold.

400 gram Series

Tibetan hand hammered singing bowl


440 gram Singing Bowl

The 440 gram weight bowl on the right has a 4.5" diameter and 2.5" high sides.


The 440 gram weight bowl on the right has a 4.5 inch diameter and 2.5 inch high sides Hand hammered Singing Bowl-playing stick-instructions

OM tibetan singing bowls


405 gram OM Singing Bowl - Hand Etched


405 gram OM Singing Bowl - 5 inch diameter by 2.75 inch height Note Hand Etching of OM On Side

500 gram Series

Hand hammered tibetan singing bowls


505 gram Singing Bowl


The 505 gram weight bowl on the right has a 5 inch diameter and 3 inch high sides. Bowl-playing stick-instructions

600 - 700 Gram Series

Hand hammered tibetan singing bowls


585 gram Singing Bowl

585 gram Singing Bowl The 585 gram weight bowl on the left has a 5.5" diameter and 3" high sides


585 gram Hand Hammered Singing Bowl on the left has a 5.5 inch diameter and 3 inch  high sides.  Bowl-playing stick-instructions


hand hammered tibetan singing bowls


700 gram OM Singing Bowl



700 gram OM Singing Bowl Hand Etching of OM On Side- 6 inch diameter by 3.75 inch height. Singing Bowl with playing stick & instructions

Decorated singing bowls


Rare Old Hand-Hammered 7" Metal Singing Bowl

Rare, Large, Tibetan Singing Bowl

1490 gram Old 7-Metal Singing Bowl

Large, Old, Authentic Singing Bowl

Old bowls (from the 1900's or earlier that sound this good are truly one of a kind! 1490 grams with an 9.5" diameter and 4.5" sides. This rare bowl has its own felt tip striker and makes a beautiful, deep sound when gently struck. Unlike smaller bowls, this bowl plays best by striking and not by rubbing and is used as a healing bowl by energy practitioners and meditators.


1490 gram Old 7-Metal Singing Bowl with striker and instructions


7-Metal Singing Bowls from Nepal

We met Suren Shrestha in November, 2007. Suren is from a family of makers of traditional 7 metal singing bowl from Nepal. The bowls offered below are all from Suren's family!

Suren now travels the world using singing bowls during healing workshops and consultations. In November, Suren played a "F" bowl as a part of a healing demonstration. Jill was so moved, she asked if she could buy more F bowls. Since buying the first, more F bowls have arrived one at a time. They are a phenomenal experience to hear. The bowls gently struck with the soft part of the striker, are then moved up and down one's body. A real connection with Truth and Healing

7 hand hammered chakra tuned singing bowl set

7 Tuned Metal Chakra Bowls

Set of 7 hand hammered singing bowls tuned to the chakra notes - 7 bowls, 7 notes

7 Tuned Metal Chakra Bowls. Set includes 7 hand-tuned bowls in notes from C to B, cushions for each bowl (assorted colors & sizes) and playing sticks for each bowl (larger bowls have dual playing stick wood & leather, small bowls have wood stick. Sizes of bowls range in diameter from 2" to 6". The set pictured is an example of the type of set you will receive.


Set of 7 Hand made and Tuned Singing Bowls, varying sizes, with cushions-playing sticks-instructions


11 inch hand hammered, hand tuned Heart singing bowl

Rare 11" diameter hand-hammered 7-Metal Singing Bowl tuned to "F"

rare old 11 inch hand hammered singing bowl

2010 gram, 11 inch diameter Heart Singing Bowl, tuned to "F" - heart chakra. This is a one of a kind Healer's bowl with incredible healing vibrations.  


11 inch diameter Hand made Singing Bowl  Tuned to F  - Singing Bowl with playing sticks-instructions


Natural Healing Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls History

The sound resonating from metal singing bowls is pure and very powerful in centering the mind and body. According to tradition, the bowls are made, in ceremony, of seven metals: one metal for each of the planets:

Gold the Sun, Silver the Moon, Mercury for Mercury, Copper for Venus, Iron for Mars, Tin for Jupiter, and Lead for Saturn

It is believed that either wondering nomads made the bowls or they were made within the Tibetan monasteries themselves. Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, the bowl makers have seemed to disappear, until recently! Dragon bowls and Om bowls are now being made by Tibetan refugees in a monastery in Nepal. These bowls are burned, then etched in beautiful designs.

Sound Of The Bowls

It has been found that among the wave patterns of different singing bowls there is a measurable wave pattern which is equivalent to the alpha waves produced by the brain. These bowls instill a sense of deep relaxation and "inner space opening up"

Our Bowls

The bowls we offer are rare, hand made, 7-11 metal singing bowls. When we carry a new bowl, it can be identified by the black finish with etchings. We do not carry new, poured bowls that look like old bowls but are tuned to specific notes. We value the rich tones and harmonics of the hand made traditional bowls. We honestly cannot tell you the age of a particular bowl. To do so would require metallurgical testing and increase the cost per bowl. If you are looking for verified antiquity and certification, we would direct you to other singing bowl websites who specialize in bowl research, for an additional fee. We do promise you that all the bowls we carry are rare, hand made, and have been hand tested for superior sound quality and ease of play. It is more important to us to distribute these wonderful treasures, at reasonable prices, where they can be of healing than to invest the time and money in their dating. Please note also that we use the term Himalayan bowls rather than "Tibetan" bowls. Currently, Tibet cannot be the country of origin for any singing bowl, as Tibet is no longer recognized as a country, but considered a part of China. The bowls we carry most likely have their origin in Tibet and have crossed the surrounding borders to be exported through India and Nepal. For further questions, call us Toll Free at: 888-773-2491

Selecting Your Bowl

The general rule is that a larger, thicker bowl will produce a deeper range of tones than a smaller, thinner bowl. The variable is the amount of internal tension present in the bowl. Remember that these are musical instruments, and originally tuned for various frequencies and pitches. Select the bowl that "sounds" best to you! If you are visiting our store, you can spend an hour or two playing each bowl and finding the right one. If you call us from the web, we will play a variety of bowls for you and you will be able to sense the right one - even over the phone!

Also, different bowls sound differently with different mallets. We carry a wide selection of mallets and will help you find the perfect mallet for the sound that you desire.

Practice With Your Bowl

Playing a singing bowl


Anyone who owns his or her own singing bowl has access to a magic land of great variety. There is much to discover, to experiment with, to hear and to experience in the bowl and your inner self.
Strike or rub the bowl and LISTEN to the sounds and tonal qualities, FEEL the vibrations at different body points, OBSERVE the vibrations (filling the bowl with water may assist observation), SENSE what is occurring in body, mind, and spirit.

What To Expect

Singing bowls have three sets of double tones, very rich in harmonics and micro-tones. A dominant base or male tone, a dominant treble or female tone, and interval dominant consisting of the blending of the base and treble. Experiment with your playing technique until, with time and patience, all tones may be sensed or heard. With practice, the sound of your bowl will be sustained from 30 seconds up to 2 or 3 minutes after you stop playing. You may even find that after playing the bowl for awhile, hours or even days later, walking down the street or reading the paper, you hear the bowl singing in your ears. This is quite natural and signals a very enhanced state of awareness.

Tripod Wood Stands for Your Singing Bowls

Hand hammered singing bowl on wood tripod stand


Use these stands to set your singing bowls on for viewing and playing.

tripod wood stand

wood singing bowl stand

Carved from one piece of wood, these interlocking legs create the perfect stand for any size bowl.

6 inch Tripod Wood Stand


6 inch Tripod Wood Stand -Carved Wood Stand

8 inch Tripod Wood Stand


8 inch Tripod Wood Stand - Carved Wood Stand

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