Spiritual Life Coaching with Charlie Henry,M.S,

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A Spiritual Life Coach is a guide, a facilitator, to the Client on the inner path to that which is beyond the physical world, to those core values that govern all other thoughts and actions.

  • The Spiritual Life Coach provides assistance and clarity to the client who is seeking a greater sense of purpose and meaning to life, beyond the physical measures of a good job, good money and a nice home.
    These attributes of success may be important, but they are effects and not causes.
  • The Spiritual Life Coach facilitates the Client to re-discover the basic cause of happiness, of peace, of worthiness and of appreciation. How best to utilize the available resources and identify the need for additional resources, and where to find them is where the Coach comes in.
  • A Spiritual Life Coach guides the Client to attain the desired outcome, as in better health, more abundance, more happiness, more peace, greater balance and a greater sense well being.
  • The Coach provides encouragement, guidance, and clarity to assist the Client in the direction of the stated outcome. When circumstances and emotions cloud the path, the Spiritual Life Coach helps to clarify the direction.
  • The Spiritual Life Coach deals with the core values of the Client, frequently of a metaphysical nature, whose source is not necessarily of the physical world, but perhaps more from the inner world of thoughts and beliefs.
    As the captain of a ship brings aboard a pilot who knows the waters, the Client brings onboard a Coach who is more familiar with the path toward inner peace, inner balance and inner well being.

How does spiritual Life Coaching Work?

After an initial discussion between the Coach and the Client, a clear and concise outcome is established, a goal to be attained within a clear time-frame, and the stepping stones that will be used to attain that goal. The Client supplies the desired outcome and the coach helps, guides, facilitates and assists the Client to attain that outcome.

  • Your Initial 45 minute phone session with Charlie Henry, MS, is FREE.
  • Fees for continuing sessions range from $20/session to $50/session, depending upon your need

Call Toll Free 888-773-2491 to make an appointment for your first FREE session.

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