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Starting Sunday, August 20, 2023 the store will be closed and no online orders. 

It’s Transformation Time! Stay tuned. 

Witches Broom Sterling Silver Pendant

Wear our tiny sterling silver Witches Broom to help you fly away whenever you wish! Actually, it will remind you to cleanse and sweep away what you don’t want.  .75 inch long sterling silver pendant


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The Witches Broom, or Besom, is a tool used in magic and ritual sacred to the Goddess. It is protective, fertile and cleansing.
Besom is linked to the element of water because of its purification attributes. It can be placed on or near the West/water side of your Altar.
The traditional Witches’ Besom is made with an Ash handle, birch twigs, and willow binding.

Our sterling silver Witches Broom can help you fly away whenever you wish!  Made in Thailand.

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