Tumbled Shungite Stones


1 Inch Tumbled Shungite with Story Card. Useful to Carry in your Pocket to Protect from harmful EMF’s and feel Grounded.

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Tumbled Shungite Stones

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Shungite, discovered in northwest Russia, is a mineral composed of a crystalline form of carbon known as fullerenes. Other than in meteorites, fullerenes is found on earth only in shungite and is reported to be what gives shungite its healing properties. Shungite has shown unique shielding properties from harmful electromagnetic radiation coming from smartphones, computers, microwave ovens, tv sets…Research and literature have reported that Shungite “heals, cleans, improves, protects, neutralizes and regenerates the cells while absorbing that which imposes hazards on living beings. Known as the ‘Wonder Stone”, Shungite

There are 2 known types of Shungite. Noble Shungite is 98% carbon, has a shiny black and silvery metallic luster and accounts for only 1% of the Shungite found to date. Black Shungite is semi-dull in color and contains 50-70% carbon. Both types of Shungite have been found to have the following uses:

  1. Protection from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)
  2. Purification of Water when used as a Water filter.
  3. Generation of Feelings of Groundness and Protection.

All of these properties assist in the healing of chronic dis-ease in body and mind and allowing space for connecting with Spirit.  Note when handling shungite: High carbon content may cause occasional “pencil” marks on hands or clothing.


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