Authentic Tibetan Prayer Wheel - 4 inch

Authentic Tibetan 4 inch Wood and Metal Prayer Wheel


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Authentic Tibetan Prayer Wheel – 4 inch
Beautifully hand carved from fine quality Copper and Brass metal. The Prayer Wheel is a uniquely Tibetan spiritual
device; it has complete prayer mantras wrapped inside, the mantra of love and compassion “Om Mani Padme Hung”
is carved on the outside. When turning the prayer wheel, the prayers are multiplied and radiate outward to the world which brings spiritual merits and divine blessings. 4 inches tall

Prayers are written on a scroll inside the wheel, then the wheel is spun in your hands to release the prayers. Complete with genuine prayer scroll inside top of wheel. A Great meditation tool for quieting and centering. You can also remove the original prayers and write your own, inserting them inside the top to release your desires to Spirit.