Sunflower Shell Amulet


Wear this Sunflowers-Shell-Amulet for warmth, strength and happiness contains orange calcite, citrine, shells, mother of pearl and pearls. It comes with black satin cord and information card. Hand made with natural crystals.

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Sunflower Shell Amulet

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Sunflower Shell Amulet

The Sunflower is the symbol of warmth, strength, happiness, adoration and longevity. CITRINE is a happy stone that beams a warm joyful energy of light, abundance and hope. ORANGE CALCITE is a soft subtle stone that renews joy, hope, optimism and removes depression. SHELLS are an element of water, representing love, fertility and female sexuality. They create a spiraling flow of vital energy, wealth and perfection. Shells stimulate our intuition, imagination, and courage, while attracting luck, money, love, and protection.
MOTHER OF PEARL attracts prosperity. PEARLS are calming and centering.

Natural Gemstone Amulets help you attract Peace, Prosperity, Healing and Well Being into your life. Direct from designers Susan and Bobby at Seeds of Light, this Sunflower Shell Amulet is approx 1 to 1.5 inches long and .5 inches wide. Authentic gemstones are hand selected, Reiki blessed and soldered together with “Silvergleem” solder which is lead free (contains 95% tin and 5% silver). The amulets are very unique, each talisman is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. Sunflower Shell Amulets come with black satin cord and information card.  Watch Blog Video Here!

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