Rose Quartz Orgonite Pocket Disc


Rose Quartz Orgonite Disc with embedded Copper Flower of Life – 1.5 inch diameter

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Rose Quartz Orgonite Pocket Disc

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Carry this Orgonite Disc in your Pocket or Wear it as a Pendant to Feel the Energy!

  • Quiet Rose Quartz is the stone of Love, especially unconditional Love for Self and Others
  • Amethyst bits add a gentle connection with your Higher Self and Universal Love
  • Selenite spars provide soothing energy
  • Carry this disc in situations where Love can shine your Light.
  • Orgonite protects from man made EMF’s and balances the body at a cellular level
  • The Copper Flower of Life is the visual expression of the flow of life through all beings.
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