Protection Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil


Protection Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card

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Protection Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil

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Protection Roll On Oil
Use when you feel stricken with negative karma and bad luck.

Black Obsidian: Absorbs and then disperses negativity. Brings awareness of negative karma and then clears away and heals it.

• Angelica: a True Guardian Angel of Protection. Wards off evil. Removes curses, hexes and spells.
• Solomon’s Seal: Used in exorcisms for protection by clearing away all forms of dark and evil spirits.
• Elder Berries: Have the power to release any spells or enchantments that may have been cast against you.
• Fennel Seeds: Used for love and purification.

• Geranium: Defends against all incoming negative energy.
• Pettigrain: Inhaled to increase your personal protective shield.
• Black Pepper: Creates a whirlwind of positive energy surrounding your body. Helps you get through rough times.
• Galangal: Breaks spells hexes and curses.
• Lemon: Disperses confusion and eases worry. Releases doubt and increases feelings of security. Alleviates fear and clears negative vibration.
• Himalayan Red Cedar: Produces a spiritual vibration which purifies and grounds the body. Purges negative energy from people and places.

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