Pentatonic Himalaya Blessing Melody Chakra Drum


The Pentatonic Chakra Metal Blessing Drum tuned to a C Major scale (C D E G A) is 8 inches by 4 inches and comes with a pair of handmade mallets, story card and a protective carrying pouch.

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Pentatonic Himalaya Blessing Melody Chakra Drum

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Pentatonic Himalaya Blessing Melody Drum

Not all steel tongue drums are the same in quality and vibration. Our steel tongue drums are a special blend of contemporary technology, vibration theory, and sacred design. The rich tones of these drums are restorative, helping to soothe the mind and spirit. When playing the drum, your breathing will regulate to the soft sounds taking you to a peaceful and attentive state of mind.

The drum is tuned to a C major scale (C D E G A), but does not require complicated musical theory or knowledge. It can be played with drumsticks or bare hands by beating, patting, and tapping the steel tongues – following a set pattern, or free flowing. A large sound port on the bottom of the drum allows the sound to flow through. Varying the opening in the bottom of the drum can vary the volume emitted by this drum. Himalaya Blessing Drums are constructed of lightweight, recycled steel and tuned with the Blessings of the Universe!

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