Meditation Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil


Meditation Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card

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Meditation Gypsy Goddess Roll On Intention Oil

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Meditation Roll On Oil
Use to focus your mind and open your chakras during meditation.

Amethyst: Represents the violet ray of alchemy, transformation, and peace.

• Sandalwood Chips: This fragrant wood possesses high spiritual vibrations and instills peace of religious union.
• Frankincense Tears: Used in spiritual ceremonies throughout the ages.
• Orange Blossoms: Purifying to the body and mind. Brings us in touch with our higher self and facilitates spiritual work.

• Frankincense: Used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies. Aids in meditation, eases emotional rigidity, removes blocks.
• Myrrh: Enhances and strengthens spirituality.
• Elemi: Balances the chakras with the spirit world. Good for visualization. Grounding joyous, centering, instills peace.
• Vetiver: Balances and aligns chakras. Facilitates the release of negative emotions.
• Lavender: Stabilizes physical, astral and etheric planes. Restores balance to mind and body.
• Mandarin: Connects the inner child with the Christ child energy. Softens the ego. Cheerful and inspirational.

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