Chakra Meditating Buddha/Yogi Pendant

Chakra Meditating Buddha or Yogi Pendant.  1 3/4 inch sterling silver chakra pendant


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The chakras ascend for this Meditating Buddha/Yogi. Our hidden bale behind the crown chakra clears the path for the chakra energy to flow upwards and lends authenticity to this classic chakra design. 1 3/4″ sterling silver

All sterling silver Chakra jewelry is made with high quality natural gemstones. Many of these unique designs are exclusive to Esprit Creations and all the designs in this series have the following chakra stones: Root – garnet, Pelvic – carnelian, Solar Plexus – citrine, Heart – peridot, Throat – blue topaz, Brow – iolite, and crown – amethyst. (occasional gemstone substitution is normal subject to availability of stones) Click here to learn more about the Chakra system.

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