Life Path Labyrinth - 7 Circuit Chakra Finger Labyrinth


Life Path Labyrinth – 6 inch Porcelain Chakra Finger Labyrinth with Plate Holder and story card.

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Life Path Labyrinth - 7 Circuit Chakra Finger Labyrinth

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The Life Path labyrinth is hand crafted, 6″ in diameter and comes boxed with a plate stand, attached wall hanger, and story card with descriptions of the colors, meanings, and purpose of each path or circuit. Great gift that combines the power of Labyrinths with the Power of Chakra Colors!

Life Path Finger Labyrinth

Trace the Path – Find Your Center

This colorful, handcrafted, 6″ porcelain finger labyrinth is a trivet plate, hand painted, then fired to achieve a crackled glass effect for the path, with a raised border between each path.

The classic 7-circuit design dates back over 4,000 years. 7 paths, or circuits, with raised borders, lead to the center, or goal. Use as a finger labyrinth for relaxation, centering and intuitive insights.. Use as a color therapy tool to balance the energies of body, mind, and spirit.

By tracing the circuit of the labyrinth, with eyes open or with eyes closed, you experience ancient body/mind healing energies. Feelings, sensations, memories, and images often rise to the surface, providing insights to solve problems and resolve issues in your life. Profound relaxation and healing occur while using this sacred geometry tool.

Trace the path slowly. Many prefer to use a finger from their non-dominant hand to enhance intuition and creativity.
Use this finger labyrinth to bring the energies of Peace, Love, and Well Being into your life.
Note: Because the labyrinths are hand-crafted, each one is unique. Slight variations are to be expected.


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