Labradorite Palm Stones

Labradorite Palm stones fit perfectly in the palm of your hand to remind you to always look deeply for the light within! Palm Stones are approx 2 inches by 2 or 1.5 inches and 1 inch to .5 inches thick. We will pick the the best energy one(s) for for you.


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When first viewed, Labradorite looks like a shiny black stone. But pick it up and hold it to the light and you can see its aggregate layers that reflect light as iridescent flashes of blue, gold, green or copper. This reflection of light is called Labradorescence and gives the stone its highly mystical and spiritual properties. In many ways Labradorite is like each of us. On the surface we may appear plain or dull but look deeply and you can see the light within. Labradorite helps to dispel fear and insecurity while strengthening one’s resolve even in the presence of negative energy. The stone has been associated with healing energies for lung and respiratory disorders and pain. Labradorite’s beautiful changing colors help to awakens awareness to the powers of self-discovery, intuition, and destiny. A perfect stone for Meditation. Labradorite sculptures have been polished a bit on the front side and the back has been left in its natural state. Pebbles look dark until they are picked up and their hidden light is shown. This metaphor for Beauty within is sure to enhance any organic crystal and mineral collection.