Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant


Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant from Seeds of Light

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Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant

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The Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant contains Moonstone and Chrysophrase. Moonstone enhances intuition, and depth of feeling. It releases tension and anxiety, teaching us to be flexible.  With Chrysophrase it soothes and lifts the emotions, banishes tension and stress. It thus relieves depression and renews hope.

Planetary Influence: Moon, Mercury Chakras: 5th – 7th

Our Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant from designers Susan and Bobby at Seeds of Light is made with hand-selected authentic gemstones and is Reiki blessed. The pendant is approximately 2 inches by .5 inch and soldered together with lead-free “Silvergleem” solder (95% tin and 5% silver). These talismans are very unique; each is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. The Hope (Optimism) Mini (Baby) Wand Pendant comes with a black satin cord and information card.  Watch Blog Video Here!

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