Dragon's Blood Herbal Pillar Candle


Dragon’s Blood Pillar Candle, 2.5 inches x 6.5 inches pillar burns for 80 hours.

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Dragon's Blood Herbal Pillar Candle

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Dragon’s Blood Herbal Pillar Candle: A blood red candle with dragon’s blood fragrance, this 2.5 x 6.5 pillar burns for 80 hours. Sweet smokey resin to power up your magic. Dragon’s blood, a resin from China the East Indies and South America, comes from some of the earth’s oldest trees. This resin helps one define and empower spells.

Blessing: By Air Fire Water and Earth, I craft this spell on heart and hearth, I call forth this vitality and force, My dragon awakens and finds its course. My spell complete and my magic fair, my words strong this witches prayer.


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