Divine Love Gypsy Goddess Intention Roll on Oil


Divine Love Roll On Oil by Gypsy Goddess with Story Card and Blessing Card

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Divine Love Gypsy Goddess Intention Roll on Oil

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Use to release fear and pain and find pure and luminous Love within you.

Rose Quartz: Promotes heart healing through positive self-love and self-esteem. Helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. Releases heartache, grief and loneliness. Opens the heart chakra and stimulates love.

• Rose Petals: The flower of love. It’s petals symbolize the unfolding at of the heart. It Intensifies love energy.
• Melissa: Aligns with the divine and expands unconditional love. Calms emotions and is uplifting. Eases feelings of loneliness.
• Copal: Used for love and purification.

• Rose Geranium: Spreads peace and heals the world-weary heart. Reconnects us to the feelings of pleasure, enjoyment and spontaneity.
• Pink Grapefruit: Releases anger, blame and self-criticism. Relieves the feeling of disappointment in love and promotes lightness of spirit.
• Bergamot: Opens the heart chakra and radiates love energy.
• Clary Sage: gives intuitive insight and inspiration to flow Relieves negative thoughts and stress.
• Rose Absolute: This is the divine flower of love.
• Spikenard: Heals emotional wounds and anxieties. Calms the heart and stabilizes the mind.

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