7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth Pendant - Sterling Silver


Carry the mystery and peace of the Labyrinth with you. Wear this sterling silver 7-circuit Labyrinth Pendant to remind you of the journey!  1 inch sterling silver pendant.

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7-circuit Cretan Labyrinth Pendant - Sterling Silver

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7 Circuit Cretan Labyrinth Pendant

The Cretan Labyrinth is the oldest labyrinth design in history. It is a symbol of the spiritual journey to the center and the outward sign of the inner pilgrimage. The basic Labyrinth design – a single path winding in and out until the center is reached, is found from Cornwall England, to the Hopi Indians. From Cathedrals in Europe to modern day uses by Churches, Hospitals, and Spiritual Centers. Made in Thailand.

For more information about Labyrinths visit our Labyrinth Park!  


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