Body Tuners


Body Tuners, notes C & G, One 7 inch long and one 8 inch long tuning fork long

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Body Tuners

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Body Tuners – notes C & G

The Body Tuners consist of two tuning forks, the C and G. They create a ratio of 3/2. Body Tuners are a special interval known in music as the perfect fifth. Lao Tzu referred to this interval as the sound of universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang. Tap both tuning forks to activate, then hold one on either side of the head, letting the sound resonate throughout the body.
Body Tuners are a wonderful way to begin your sonic exploration. In addition, by starting at the ears and moving down the side of the body until level with the heart, these frequencies will allow the Heart Chakra to gently open and activate.

Body Tuner™ Detailed Description

The Body Tuners are the ideal beginner’s set. The most powerful tuning fork combination, the C and G tuners create a “perfect fifth” and open the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. Listening to these two different tones, your body makes one tone, bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. Within 30 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to stretch a muscle), you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which might take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation


  • Instantaneous deep relaxation
  • A state of unification
  • Altered state of consciousness
  • Re-proportions your body

The Body Tuners are a wonderful way to begin your sonic exploration.

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