Aria Tuning Koshi Chime – Air Element


ARIA TUNING CHIME- A C E A B C E B, Weight – 132 grams, Size – 6.25 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide

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The Aria Koshi Chime is tuned to the notes of A C E A B C E B. Aria was first termed by the Greeks as Lightness and Song. The Air Element represents a sense of Freedom and Movement in your life. Aria Chime brings you out of stagnation and sets your Soul free. A great chime for Joy and Happiness!

Notes and Chakras

  • A – Brow Chakra. The Brow Chakra is associated with Imagination, Intuition and Perception. The Note A tunes body/mind/spirit to the frequencies of Wisdom, Memory and Intelligence.
  • C – Root Chakra. The Root Chakra holds the energies of Stability, Grounding, and Physical Healing. The note C tunes body/mind/spirit to the frequencies of safety, security, livelihood, grounding, and balance.
  • E- Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with Personal Power and Success. The Note E tunes body/mind/spirit to the frequencies Action, Protection and Empowerment.
  • B – Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra holds the energies of Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Connection. The note B tunes body/mind/spirit to opening up to the Divine Guidance and Understanding in your life, experiencing who you really are beyond the physical world.

Each Koshi Chime plays its own tune when gently moved by your hand or by the wind. Listen below and allow the music to take you deeper, higher, lighter into your own sense of Well Being.

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