8 Auspicious Symbols Tingsha with Case


8 Auspicious Symbols Tingsha with Case, 2.5 inch diameter, 1/4 inch thick, 200 grams

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8 Auspicious Symbols Tingsha with Case

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8 auspicious symboslThese Tingshas are carved with Ashtamangala Symbols (the eight auspicious signs which symbolize the eight-fold path of Buddhist practice)

  • The Lotus Flower, representing spiritual purity and compassion
  • The Precious Parasol, the silk canopy that is held above the Budhas and gives protection from all evil influences.
  • The Vase of Great Treasures, containing the spiritual jewels of enlightenment
  • The White Conch Shell spirals to the right and is blown as a horn to announce the Buddha’s enlightenment.
  • The Knot of Eternity, also known as the Lucky Diagram and represents unending loving and harmony
  • The Victory Banner that proclaims victory of the Buddhist teachings over ignorance.
  • The Eight Spoked Golden Wheel, also known as the Wheel of Dharma and represents the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddhadharma.
  • The Two Golden Fishes, representing spiritual release from the ocean of samsara.
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