2 inch Bell/Dorje


2  inch diameter Bell & Dorje,  Bronze Bell

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2 inch Bell/Dorje

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2-3″ diameter Bell & Dorje: Bells are made of bronze, often containing silver. The handle of the bell is the knob of the dorje, resting on a moon disc, underneath there is the face of the goddess or female Buddha – incarnation of wisdom and truth. Looking at the outside of the bell from above, you see a mandala which represents the voice of the gods. The outer (bottom) edge is filled with exactly 51 dorjes, which represent the 51 small unknowns which can be resolved by the effect of the bell.  The sound mantra of the bell is “OM”, which symbolizes perfection.  The bell can be played with a wooden stick, just like the bowl.  It also is rung along with the dorje (the diamond scepter or thunderbolt).  First the dorje is picked up with the right hand, the male hand, and then the bell is picked up with the left hand, the female hand. The dorje is held slightly higher than the bell.  This is Tab Sherab. Tab makes the ego smaller, Sherab unifies it. When the ego has gone, all suffering is dissolved.

Bells are more and more often being used as a substitute for sage or smudge in clearing the energy in a room, home, or office. To clear a room, begin in the center. Ring the bell. Often when energy is stagnant or blocked, it will be hard to make a pure sound. Continue to play the bell until you hear a pure, etheric note. The energy is now cleared.  Proceed to the edges of the room and move in a clockwise direction, “playing” the bell frequently. When a clear sound occurs, move on to the next place. Continue until you have moved all around the room. You have now created a clear, creative space for your activities!



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