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Bring the Inspiration of the Air Element into your life with Tuning Chimes, Space Clearing Bells, Aromatherapy products and Prayer Flags. The air element can refresh us and bring about positive changes. We have a wide range of Air Element Gifts for your every need!

The AIR  Element is associated with lightness and movement. Air is pervasive, it is everywhere in our lives, but only noticeable through movement. On a still day we feel listless and heavy, while on a day when soft breezes flow we feel refreshed and enlivened. The air element is associated with the east, the dawning of a new day, new beginnings and things coming into being. Astrologically the following are air signs: Gemini (May 22-June 21), Libra (September 14-October 23) and Aquarius (January 21-February 19).

In essence, Air is the movement of all things within the space of Ether. A person who feels that they have to rush around all the time, have to move quickly, has their air out of balance. Air in balance allows free and relaxed motion, a sense of ease and flow. Read More

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