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Halite Salt Lamps

Computer halite salt lamp with usb connection

Halite Salt Lamps are made from natural Rock Salt Crystal (Halite) accumulated over millions of years in salt caverns deep under ground in the Himalayan Mountains. (Halite is called an evaporate because it is formed by the evaporation of saline water in partially enclosed basins. It is found in solid underground masses, and as a dissolved solution in oceans and inland lakes.) Halite salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas are still pure and untouched by pollution. They provide a warm glow in stunning and beautiful natural designs. Read more…
Salt Lamp Uses

Salt Crystal Lamps, when illuminated from inside with a small light, produce a beautiful, natural glow of shades from orange to yellow. This color, and the ionizing effects, create a special atmosphere of calming, balancing, and refreshing clean air. Warm Salt Crystal produces and emits a higher number of Negative Ions and delivers a more efficient Ionizing Effect. Today, the health benefits of Negative Ionizers are well recognized. While most ionizers on the market are man-made machines, the Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, maintenance free, natural alternative from Mother Nature to improve air quality. With time, the Salt Crystal Lamps will not reduce in size, color or shape, and will not lose weight, or their ionizing effect!

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