Healing Crystals and Energy Stones

The core of everything is Frequency and Vibration. Each crystal and gemstone, by its color and shape, vibrates to a different frequency. Some vibrate at a frequency our subtle bodies interpret as calming. Other vibrate as energizing. While still others feel protective.

Now, a modern skeptic may say that it is impossible for a natural crystal to have any healing properties. Consider the Metaphysical science. Crystals transmit a piezoelectric charge, vibration, which does affect the body’s biomagnetic fields. Crystals reflect and refract light, and light rays such as far infrared and ultraviolet are used to both heal and disinfect the body. And somehow crystals carry information or else every computer in the world would not have a silicon (crystal) chip inside. Even from a scientific standpoint, it seems possible that natural crystals can influence physical functioning. Read More.

What Makes Our Healing Crystals Special?

  • First, we Love Crystals and keep them in our high energy store until they go to the right home!
  • Second, we deal directly with mine owners and hand-picked from their collections.
  • Third, each of the healing crystal gifts and crystal jewelry in our collection is one of a kind with special groupings for special crystals.

Discover and enjoy your unique healing crystal gifts today!

BONUS Download a FREE PDF of Properties-of-Quartz-Crystal-Formations . Use it to explore your own crystals and discover their special attributes!!

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