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Water element chakras, feng shui, musicWATER is the source of all life. It is formless, needing something to contain it, and channel it. Water also has the healing properties of purification. The water element is felt when working with the energy of Feng Shui, Chakras and Music. All which require flow.

Water is associated with the West, the fall, the time to go deep into our lives and let our emotions flow. Astrologically, Cancer (June 22-July 23) rules the breasts, Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) the genitals, and Pisces (February 20 – March 20) the feet. Emotionally balanced water allows us to relax and let go.

Sharing some cool water links.

  • Flower Essences and Aromatherapy from Tree Frog Farm
    All natural, alcohol-free flower essences & aromatherapy blends for people, pets & animals created on a micro eco-farm and wildlife sanctuary. Phone consultations and personalized blends available.
  • Aqua Chi Machine
    Cleansing and detoxifying footspa for in-home and practitoner use. Therapeutic aid that is self contained and is used in an ordinary bath tub or foot bath.

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