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SPIRIT OF LOVE AND STREAMS OF LIGHT CD’S ARE BACK!! We don’t know how long we can get them, but they are here now!!!

Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love CD

Spirit of Love. A Bouquet of Inspirational New Age Songs. 10 different artists have recorded the best of their work on this one new age album. Song & artists include: Give Yourself to Love by Diane Chodlowski, the Rose by Scottie Haskell, Dancers in the Light by Charley Thwealt, Earth by David Roth, It's In Everyone of Us by David Pomeranz, Wake Up and Dream by Gail Rossing, Remembering and Forgetting by Stephen Fiske, You Can Relax Now by susan McCullen, I will Never Leave You by Jim Meyer, and Allelujah by Michael & Maloah Stillwater.


Spirit of Love CD by Awakening Hearts Productions

Streams of Light

Streams of Light Healing Heart Productions (the brother of Awakening Hearts above) presents Streams of Light, another inspiring Vocal collection of wonderful and inspirational music. 11 different artists have offered the following songs: Reunion by John Astin, Knowing Myself by Charley Thweatt, Sweet Streams by Kirtana, There is a Place by Wild Roses, How could Anyone by Shaina, Step by Step by Chuck Pyle, Children's Bridge of Peace by Suz, How Can I Help You Say Goodbye by Karen Taylor good, Surrender by the Burns Sisters, Love, Serve, Remember by John Astin, and Lullaby by David Roth. A great listen anytime of day!


Streams of Light CD by Healing Hearts Productions


A New Adventure

A New Adventure CD A New Adventure CD by Abraham-Hicks with the music of Francine Jarry offers more than 70 minutes of a variety of uplifting music that projects the philosophy of Abraham in a way we have never felt it before. The first half of this album contains 20 of Francine's bright melodies that project a wide range of musical styles. From her Count Your Blessings, and Reach for a Thought That Feels Better, she carries us through to the rollicking I Want to Live My Life to the Fullest, and on to the elegant, meditative Joy to the Universe. The second half of the album promises to give the listener a first in a lifetime experience. You will be enraptured when you immerse yourself in 30 minutes of Abraham's Rampages of Well-Being. Over Francine's haunting Mayan Theme, we have blended, from three live workshops, Abraham's Living Happily Ever After and Finding My Core Beliefs, and finally Abraham reminds us that our Well-Being is natural with their never-to-be-forgotten It Is Good To Feel Good.


A New Adventure CD by Francine Jarry


JOY..JOY..JOY! A follow-up to their first music CD "A New Adventure," the second CD "JOY? JOY? JOY!" is a milestone of musical wisdom bringing you the latest teachings of Abraham masterfully combined with the music of Francine Jarry. This CD of 23 uplifting songs will put you in touch with easy-to-remember concepts and processes inspired from dialogs with Abraham, a group of evolved teachers who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being. As you listen, you will begin to allow your well-being to flow "One step at a time" up the emotional scale by "Looking for positive aspects, " "Making the best of everything, " and "Making peace with where you are. " It is never too late to say "I can begin again" and tell yourself "I can do it." Dawn breaks more beautifully after adversity, "If you want it (it can happen)," and most important of all is "Feeling Good.


JOY? JOY? JOY! CD by Francine Jarry

Songs of Healing

Songs of Healing Robert Gass and On Wings of Song have recorded many chanting tapes. Songs of Healing is our favorite! Stephen Levine has written about "healing unto life or death" and this album captures that theme. These songs allow healing to occur, even acknowledging dying as the ultimate healing (listen to the first song, whose words are: "Go in Beauty, Peace be with you until we meet again in the Light." Every hospice organization should have this cassette and watch the miracle of healing occur. CD


Songs of Healing by Robert Gass

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