Photos of the Otto Labyrinth Park and Fairy Forest

Photo Journals of the Otto Labyrinth Park and Fairy Forest
We hope you enjoy your visit!

Otto Labyrinth Park in Otto, NC
Otto Labyrinth Park Journal Box
Otto Labyrinth in 1999
Otto Labyrinth in 2017
Faerie Orbs at night in the Labyrinth
Faerie Orbs at Labyrinth Fire Circle
Labyrinth Gathering Circle
Fern Path at Otto Labyrinth
Ferns at Otto Labyrinth
Old Growth Laurel Faerie Forest
Deep within the Faerie Forest
Forest Creek
Bench and Creek
Building Cairns in the Creek
Cairn in Creek
Faerie Forest at Otto Labyrinth Park
Laurel Trunks
Forest Ground Pine
Forest tree person
Turkeys walking the Labyrinth
article in the Franklin Press, about the Otto Labyrinth Park

More Photos!

Along the creek
Or relax and enjoy the Labyrinth Path for yourself
Walk until you reach the (your) Center
Allow the Ceder Tree to bless and purify you on the outer path
View the whole labyrinth at one time
and enjoy the entire Otto Labyrinth Park
The Labyrinth is waiting just for you!

Faerie (Fairy) Forest

Watch closely for the faerie orbs

Follow the Path into the Faerie Forest
This old growth Mountain Laurel Forest is over 500 years old
See the Faerie Orb?
And another orb
The faeries are playing for the camera
Fairy orbs in forest
This picture was emailed to me from Micki
This from Jim and Virginia
Cheryl from Canton, GA sent in this photo
and both of these too!
The blue fairy blesses the labyrinth
And all who walk her path

From Katrina

Hi Jill - I would like to forward the attached picture to you. I brought my daughter to the labyrinth a couple of weekends ago. She was in need of healing emotional and physically. Thank you from my heart for sharing your property of the most wondrous and magical filled part of mother earth. Phoebe, Kathleen (Phoebe's sister), Di and I (Katrina) stayed (at the Labyrinth Cottage) for a weekend last July 2007 and we saw a light filled orb.

I shared the attached picture with Phoebe and she was so excited and said that this orb that I was able to photograph was the same orb that we saw that July 2007 night. I took this picture in the daylight. It was partly cloudly and the picture is not a solar flash. This is the real thing. I am sending a thankful heart and I feel honored for being able to eyewitness and to be able to photograph this beautiful orb of wondrous light

Jill - I know from meditation and prayer that the Labyrinth is a very special place from beings of all sorts to come to and they are activated with that special elemental and cosmic energy. From the messages I am getting something wondrous is going to come your way and in the near future for sharing this wondrous piece of mother earth. You will receive blessings in financial way is what I am told. For as you know many changes are here and we are moving into a new earth.

Again, thank you my dear friend and sister for sharing your wonderful being of yourself.

~livinglight ~Katrina Head


Help us maintain the Health and Well Being of the Labyrinth Park and Faerie Forest!
If you have enjoyed the Otto Labyrinth Park and want to support parks like this, please make your tax deductible contributions to
Otto Labyrinth Park Fund.
or mail your contributions to:
Otto Labyrinth Park Fund
43 Shambala Way
Otto, NC 28763

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