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We're starting out with A Course in Miracles using ZOOM.

Charlie and Jill will be facilitating A Course in Miracles online study group on Zoom!

DAY - WEDNESDAYS - starting July 8th, 2020

TIME - 7:00 to 8:30 PM


The study group is competely Free. We do need your name and email in order to invite you to the ZOOM meeting.

Enroll here to be able to join ACIM Zoom meetings. We will use your email to send your Zoom meeting notices and log on information.


How we started with A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

In 1983 or there abouts, Charlie and I (Jill) were at the shopping mall (They had just built a new one down the road from us!) in Walden’s Bookstore. We were walking down a book isle and A Course In Miracles - the original 3 hardback volumes- fell off the shelf in front of us.  The books were cellophane wrapped and we asked the cashier to take the cellophane off so we could look inside. The title intrigued us! We leafed through the 600+ pages of textbook, 365 Lessons - one for each day of the year, and a Manual for teachers. I said – “it’s all masculine in the writing style, I’m not interested.” Charlie said “It sounds too religious, I’m not interested” We gave the books back to the cashier and went home. Several months later we were in the store again, and again, when walking down the aisle, the 3 volumes fell off the shelf, catching our toes this time! As we were on a meditation/metaphysical journey of our own, we thought that this must be a sign! We took the books up to the cashier (wrapped in the same cellophane with scotch tape) and bought them. And began to read them and study them.

Over the next year, there were times we both threw the books in the trash – then sheepishly got them out again. We took 2 or 3 years to do the 365 lessons (We’d get hung up on one lesson and spend too much time trying to figure it out before we went on) The thing is, the Course has only one lesson:

"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God"

We began to let the Course guide our lives. There was a Unity Church in our town, so we went to it one Sunday, just to see what it was about. By the end of the service we were given keys to the meeting room and had agreed to teach ACIM every Sunday before Church. We did eventually join the church because after all, we had their keys!

Next we found ourselves opening up a Metaphysical Center in Augusta Ga called The Relaxation Station. We didn’t know we were going to do that! The Station had many teachers, from Chi Gong and Yoga to meditation and metaphysics. We taught the Course there and at one time had up to 50 weekly participants. The more we studied the Course, the more our lives began to flow in directions we had not anticipated.

Several years went by and we were happy doing what we were doing. Then we went up to Franklin, NC for a gemshow. On a lark, we called a realtor and asked to look at houses.  She showed us around – we had no intention of buying – until we walked on the land we are on now. We heard the Voice (ACIM calls it the Holy Spirit), say to both of us, “You are to buy the land and it’s not for you -it’s for others”. We said to the realtor, “Well, we’re suppose to buy this land but we have no money down.” We though we could get out of it that easy.  6 weeks later the realtor called and said when you are up here next week for the gemshow, stop in and sign the mortgage papers. The bank put up 80%, the Broker 20% - we signed with no money down and then went on a walkabout to see what we bought.

Since then, we have turned 3 acres of the property into a non profit Labyrinth Park, have our online store and Center at the Park, are building an Earth Bag Event Center, and apparently have gone into the beekeeping business.

A Course in Miracles taught us how to listen to that still, quiet inner voice of Love and Peace. We don’t always listen and our egos get us into lots of trouble, but the Course is foundational to finding our way Home!

We hope you will join us online on Wednesdays to discuss, question, share and support each other. As Buddha said:

”We’re all just walking each other Home”.

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