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Hang these Rustic Noah Bells to increase energy and peace in your life.

Rustic Noah Bells

Rustic Noah Bells bring ancient sounds to your environment

Rustic Noah Bells are distinctive from all other bells due to the melodic and echoing tones. Each bell is hand made in India. The smelting of various metals and the hand hewed clapper result in the individual tuning of each bell to creates the unusual resonate sounds. Shepherds prize the smaller bells, as they enable them to easily hear and find their flocks from many miles away. Tradition says that the bells also scare away bad spirits and are often used to hang near one’s home or on one’s property for good energy. They are also excellent for sound meditation. Playing and hearing the wonderful tones before and after a meditation experience is a great way to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. The larger the bell, the deeper the tone.

We offer the Noah Bells in 3 different sizes.

OM Noah Bell Chime

OM Noah Bell Chime

Noah Bell Chimes

OM Noah Bell Chime OM is the Universal Sound, the beginning of all sounds. 7 metal Noah Bells hang from this hand made, rustic 11" wide, 14" tall chime.


OM Noah Bell Chime with 7 bells, 11 inches wide, 14 inches tall chime.

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